Tutorial – Having Dialer Shield in version 1.0-3 [CRACK]

cydiaDEBGIF38 Tutoriel   Avoir Dialer Shield en version 1.0 3 [CRACK]

cydiaDEBGIF38 Tutorial Having Dialer Shield in version 1.0 3 [CRACK]

Dialer Shield, literally translated as “call shield”, is a tweak both practical and aesthetic. You will no longer mistakenly put “mute” or “speaker” mode because after installing this tweak you will have to slider with your finger towards the left to access the keys. And to end the current call it will be to the right.

0Awv7 Tutorial Having Dialer Shield in version 1.0 3 [CRACK]

Here is a tutorial which will allow you to have Dialer Shield cracked using a keygen in version 1.0-3:

MAC users can use keygen.exe to use Wine For OS X, install Wine, once installed, you just have to launch the .exe as on Windows;)

keygen Tutorial Having Dialer Shield in version 1.0 3 [CRACK]

  1. Download the .zip with the keygen which will allow you to follow the steps: Dialer Shield 1.0-3 CRACK
  2. Install Dialer Shield, available on the iPhone3GSystem repo: http://appsystem.fr/cydia/ Do not respring! Simply exit Cydia via the home button when the installation is finished
  3. Connect the device to your computer and get the UDID from iTunes, pressing the serial number, you will see a long series of numbers and letters, so do Ctrl + C (For Windows) or CMD + C (For MAC)
  4. Launch the keygen.exe
  5. Paste your UDID (Ctrl + v for Windows or CMD + v for MAC) in the first box (UDID therefore)
  6. Press “write .plist”
  7. A pop-up will appear to tell you that the plist file was successfully created
  8. The .plist is on your desktop, in SSH, transfer it to / var / mobile / Library / AddressBook
  9. Reboot your iDevice

Thanks to the BLZPDA team for the keygen and to Diabl0 for the tests


The iPhone3GSystem team


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