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Tutorial – Customize the SBSettings Respring Image

tuto logo Tutorial Customize the Respring image of SBSettings

Today we are going to give you two tips to customize the image of the Respring performed by SBSettings

Before starting here is a pack of HD Wallpaper for iPhone 4

[dl url= »″ title= »Pack Wallpaper » desc= »640×960 (Retina) »]


  • Jailbreak device
  • OpenSSH
  • Wireless
  • SBSettings
  • WinSCP or FileZilla etc…


By default here is the image displayed during a respring.

127 Tutorial Customize the SBSettings Respring image

Step 1

Choose a wallpaper in 640 × 960 format for Retina screen or 320 × 480 for the rest.

217 Tutorial Customizing the SBSettings Respring Image

2nd step

Rename the wallpaper as follows = ” respring.png

Connect the device in SSH and place the wallpaper in the following directory (you will be asked if you wish to replace it, validate with OK)

To be really clean, it is best to rename the old respring.png to old_respring.png

  • / var / mobile / Library / SBSettings

Enjoy 😉

the iPhone3GSystem team

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