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Tutorial: change the battery of a Macbook Pro in 4 steps

even though Mac are among the most reliable laptops on the market, no one is immune to faulty battery or over-requested. And what could be more annoying than laptop who wants to be connected all the time? However, do not bother to throw the baby out with the bathwater, it is quite possible to replace a MacBook Pro battery and it’s even quite simple, unless you prefer to have fun with a new model!…

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to simply change your MacBook battery in a few steps. Stay until the end: you will find our tips to preserve your battery as long as possible and a little surprise!

What do I need to change my MacBook Pro battery?

3 tools, no more, no less!

  • 1 nylon “black stick” (a very practical little tool as soon as you touch electronics! You can find it on various online stores including Amazon for around ten euros)
  • 1 small three-lobe screwdriver (Y-shaped – Y1 format)

Note that you can even find at some online sellers battery kits -> trilobe screwdriver + black stick.

  • 1 small Phillips screwdriver 00
  • And of course, 1 replacement battery

You can also directly buy your new MacBook Pro battery online from trusted dealers. The batteries can be generic, this will not prevent the computer from working properly, as long as they meet the manufacturer’s standards. The advantage is that it is often cheaper. If however you have any doubts, do not hesitate to seek advice from the online store.

Step 1: we unscrew!

Start by turning your MacBook over and unscrewing, using the cruciform, the 10 screws to open it. Attention, there are 3 screws longer than the others, note them or put them apart to find your way around.

to change macbook pro battery - Tutorial: change the battery of a Macbook Pro in 4 steps

Step 2: we take out the battery.

We will have to disconnect and unscrew the battery: the big black block!

to change battery macbook pro 2 1024x201 - Tutorial: change the battery of a Macbook Pro in 4 steps

Start by disconnecting the battery by lifting the connector using the black stick: just disconnect it from the card.

to change battery macbook pro 3 - Tutorial: change the battery of a Macbook Pro in 4 steps

With gentle gestures, if possible, so as not to damage elements of the MacBook Pro … Then, you need to unscrew the 2 small screws that hold the battery in place.

change battery macbook pro 4 1024x279 - Tutorial: change the battery of a Macbook Pro in 4 steps

For this we use the trilobe screwdriver. Attention, there is one screw larger than the other, remember to distinguish them. Before removing the battery: remember to remove the Warning sticker using the black stick! Be careful not to scratch the battery, again, you have to take it easy…

change battery macbook pro 5 - Tutorial: change the battery of a Macbook Pro in 4 steps

Then you can grab your battery to get it out of its housing. Above all, do not damage the battery.

Step 3: we replace the MacBook battery.

To replace the battery, we repeat the process in reverse. The new battery is placed in its housing. If a sticker is provided, you stick it back on. Then, you re-screw the 2 small screws with the trilobe. Once the battery is in place, reconnect the battery to the card, just press it.

to change battery macbook pro 6 - Tutorial: change the battery of a Macbook Pro in 4 steps

And your battery is ready! Again, act gently and without forcing!

Step 4: we close!

Finally, all you have to do is put the cover back on and tighten the 10 screws to seal it. All you have to do is switch on to check that everything is OK!

And to keep your MacBook Pro battery alive even longer …

Don’t you want to repeat the operation too often? So here are some basic rules to make your MacBook battery last even longer…

Leave the battery at a reasonable ambient temperature and never expose it to a temperature above 60 ° or below -20 °. Do not exceed a charging time of 12 hours or otherwise it is the overload insured!

Avoid going below 20% of autonomy to think of recharging the machine, this will limit the risks of cell damage.

You can calibrate it by doing a complete charge / discharge cycle every 2 months without going below 5%. Also, don’t leave your MacBook Pro battery for too long to rest.

Your batteries will nevertheless lose their autonomy over time if you use your computer more often on the mains and you really want to optimize its performance you can store its battery when it is charged to 40%, cool at 0 °, and put it back only when necessary, but here we push a little! Especially since now most computers can manage prolonged use on the mains to conserve the battery!

All these rules will be useful for you, but be aware that respecting Apple’s maintenance instructions is still the best way to make your battery last. Finally, for all those who wish to change / replace the battery, here is a small 10% promo code usable on the AboutBatteries site: 10WOR17