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Tutorial – Activate HDR functionality on iPod Touch 4G

As you know, Apple has integrated HDR functionality into the iPhone 4’s Camera app.

But apparently, this feature is only reserved for this latest generation of iPhone.

Here is a tutorial allowing you to activate it on iTouch 4G.

23 Tutorial Activating HDR functionality on iPod Touch 4G


  • An iPod Touch 4G jailbroken in 4.1
  • This file
  • Having installed OpenSSH on your iTouch

Step 1

First, connect in SSH to your iPod Touch.

2nd step

Go to: System> Library> CoreServices>

Replace the file with the one downloaded earlier.

Stage 3 (thanks to Coco for this step ;-))

Download this file:

Navigate to System Library PrivateFrameworks Celestial.framework N81 and replace the file.

Then restart your device and take advantage of this feature 😉

Via PadiPhone

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