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[Tuto] How to transfer your contacts

iphone contacts original [Tuto] How to transfer your contacts

Some of you are wondering how to transfer one or more contacts or even your entire list. Appsystem has therefore decided to tell you about the transfer possibilities!

Transfer some contacts

iOS 7 allows you to share your contacts very easily:

First, go to your Contacts app, then select one of them. Once on your contact card, you should see this:

send contact 1 [Tuto] How to transfer your contacts

Click on “Send this sheet”, which will offer you this menu:

send contact 2 [Tuto] How to transfer your contacts

You can do this transfer in three ways:

  • by AirDrop (sending to an iOS or OS X compatible device)
  • by Message (SMS or iMessage)
  • by email.

Here is what your email page will look like for example, for sending a contact card (.vcf file):

send contact email [Tuto] How to transfer your contacts

This will allow your recipient to retrieve the number or numbers you want to send.

Transfer a lot of contacts / your whole list

Personally, I use a program that I really liked, because it offers a sorting of contacts to avoid duplicates, as well as the export of selected transfers: Cleaner Pro

 [Tuto]  How to transfer your contacts

As soon as the application is opened, it will offer you a full backup of your contact list to send by email or message.

If you ever want to send a selected list of contacts, select your contacts, then click on the arrow at the bottom left of your contact list, this one:

cleaner pro1 [Tuto] How to transfer your contacts

This section will offer to “Share” the selected list by email.

And there you have it, here is one of the many ways to easily export your contacts. I did not indicate the possibilities of the operators in this tutorial they are only able to save your contacts, and not to transfer them at will.

If you ever want to benefit from Cleaner Pro, which really surprised me for such a low price, it’s here:

[app 519077149]

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