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[TUTO] How to hide applications in iOS 7.1?

iOS7 springboard [TUTO] How to hide applications in iOS 7.1?

Some features are still missing from Apple’s mobile operating system. Today we will show you how to hide your apps on iOS 7.1!

Many people wanted to remove unnecessary applications from their phone, it is now possible thanks to a very simple manipulation, valid on both iPhone and iPad.


  • Make sure you install as many apps as possible in the dock (4 for the iPhone, 6 for the iPad)


  • Create your file including all the applications you want to hide

IMG 0169 [TUTO] How to hide applications in iOS 7.1?

  • Then create another folder with two random applications

IMG 0170 [TUTO] How to hide applications in iOS 7.1?

  • Insert the folder of applications to hide in the second.

IMG 0171 [TUTO] How to hide applications in iOS 7.1?

  • Put the two random applications back on the SpringBoard, you will notice that the folder included in the second archive seems to have disappeared. Open the archive and you will see your file again.
  • Take this folder out of the archive, and magic thing: the directory has disappeared!

And now, as expected, your applications have disappeared! If you finally want to recover your file, a simple forced restart will allow you to find it!

If necessary, a video (in English) offers you the manipulation:

Did the manipulation work for you?

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