Turn your Galaxy Note 3 into Note 4

Turn your Galaxy Note 3 into Note 4

With some manipulations on your smartphone, it is now possible to enjoy the interface but also the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 directly on your Galaxy Note 3. You can then enjoy a new interface, new applications and full of other small improvements that will make you think that your Note 3 is a Note 4.

Warning : This procedure is risky, if you do not follow the procedure as it should, you may end up with an unusable phone (that is, a brick). Neither AndroidPIT nor I can be held responsible for any damages. Attention, the following procedure also erases user data.

androidpit galaxy note 4 vs galaxy note 3 10
Note 3 and Note 4: internal differences will be a distant memory. AndroidPIT

Only valid for Galaxy Note 3 root


  • Galaxy Note 3 root: how to root your Note 3
  • Have a custom recovery install on your Note 3
  • Your Note 3 must have at least 50% battery

Install Note 4 Apps on your Galaxy Note 3

Here is the list of applications available for the Galaxy Note 3, choose the ones that interest you and download them from the links below, then install them according to the given method.

Root Browser File Manager
Install on Google Play

  1. Download the application of your choice to your desktop
  2. Connect your Galaxy Note 3 to your computer
  3. Move the apps you want in your Galaxy Note 3
  4. Open the file explorer from your smartphone
  5. Install the application (s) you have previously downloaded

Install the official bootanimation (boot animation) of the Galaxy Note 4

androidpit galaxy note 4 vs galaxy note 3 13
Note 4 left and Note 3 right. AndroidPIT

As many of you know, bootanimation is the file that contains the boot animation for your device. Thanks to a user of the XDA dev forum, it is now possible to install the boot version of Note 4 on your Note 3. However, we warn you, however, that the bootanimation comes from a Korean version, and can therefore contain the logo of local operators but this remains only visual.

Discover how to install bootanimation on your device with this article:

Install the Note 4 font on your Note 3

Android uses different font styles through the GUI, but especially one in particular "Roboto-Regular.ttf". As for applications, we provide you with all the new fonts in note 4. Unfortunately you need root permissions for this operation.

  • Download the Galaxy Note 4 font.
  • Install the Root Font Installer app.
  • Once the download is complete, extract the files from the root of the phone.
  • Launch the Font Installer Root app.
  • Follow the instructions of the application.

FontFix (free)
Install on Google Play

Ringtone, alarm and notification of Galaxy note 4

Thanks dack23 from the XDA community, which offers us the opportunity to have all the alarm and notification tones for a total of 190 audio files on his smartphone. The method does not need to be root and can benefit everyone.

  • Download the audio files.
  • Open the ZIP.
  • go to System > Media > audio.
  • Copy the audio files to the folder / System / media or on your SD card.
  • Install a file explorer to find your ringtone from the smartphone.

You will then simply change your ringtone as you usually do directly in the settings of your smartphone.

ES File Explorer
Install on Google Play

Galaxy Note 4 Official Wallpapers

galaxy note 4 wallpaper
The official show of Note 4. Droid-Life

In order to push the transformation of your Galaxy Note 3 into Note 4, we offer you the possibility to change your screen with the official Galaxy Note 4 designs.

You know other things to turn the Galaxy Note 3 into Note 4?

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