Turkish blocking of headlines

Turkish blocking of headlines

A Turkish court has decided to ban the web pages that resume the cover of Charlie Hebdo number 1178 published a week after the deadly editorial attack. And as often in Turkey, this must result in the blocking of the websites concerned via the telecommunications authority.

charlie-hebdo-une-mahometThis court decision came following a petition by a lawyer declaring that these websites endangered public order. The fact remains that a Deputy Prime Minister of the government had already reacted on Twitter. " Those who despise the sacred values ​​of Muslims by publishing drawings supposedly representing our prophet are clearly guilty of provocation. "

Unless the front page of Charlie Hebdo is withdrawn, the targeted sites are therefore likely to be blocked with the possibility of collateral damage knowing that this kind of action generally causes over-blocking.

In Turkey, and more widely in the Muslim world, only the Cumhuriyet newspaper dared to repeat the front page of number 1178 of Charlie Hebdo as well as part of its content. For Cumhuriyet, it's a " act of solidarity with Charlie " and for " defend freedom of expression ", and yet the feeling of having" respected the religious sensitivity of Turkish society. "

In France, the edition of this issue of Charlie Hebdo was quickly sold out at newsstands and is awaiting a new supply. Meanwhile, pirated hard copies or digital copies are circulating.

" Le Bon Coin and Price Minister have decided to ban these practices. Ebay tolerates them ", reacts Christophe Deloire. The general secretary of Reporters Without Borders denounces" the organization of a lamentable parallel trade. "