Tunnels to leak new iPhones

Tunnels to leak new iPhones

iPhoneLeaks before official presentation … This is what most manufacturers of new technologies fear, especially on the side of smartphones.

The closer the fateful date gets, the more new images and videos are likely to land on the Internet, thus breaking a secret preparation of several months.

It must be said that the resale of this kind of information is a real boon for workers: exclusives that some media are ready to snatch up for pretty sums.


Employees ready to leak iPhone

Apple knows this well, especially since 2013 with the publication of iPhone 5c cases following a bad move from an employee of Jabil, one of the suppliers of Apple.

Since this incident, the firm has set up a security team composed of 30 people, but also the establishment of partners with the aim of verifying that no information or component leaves the factories (with particular attention to the diagrams 3D).

Because yes, employees are ready to do anything to leak new iPhones, as revealed The Information. In addition to the element covers in the pockets, boxes or packages of tissues, some workers have even attempted to dig a small tunnel in the factory, to pass components outside.