TSMC is preparing for the A14 5nm chips of the iPhone 12

TSMC is preparing for the A14 5nm chips of the iPhone 12

a14 cpu apple iconThe rumor section sometimes has a lot of head start. This time, rather than talking about the possible 5 iPhone of the 2019 return, we are talking about the 2020 iPhone, certainly called iPhone 12.

According to Digitimes, the founder TSMC would be in working order to produce processors engraved in 5 nm from next year, while this year should continue on 7nm, especially on the iPhone XI. This made our first news in January and then February.

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The 5 Nm in 2020 at Apple?

According to the Taiwanese daily, TSMC delivered its first productions of serious chips so finely. The goal here is to test the increase in performance, heat dissipation and energy consumption which must logically decrease.

TSMC announces that a 5nm chip allows 1.8 times more logic components on the same surface with an average gain of 15% in terms of performance. This finesse is also almost a prerequisite for the arrival of 5G and the strengthening of AI.

Apple could be the first customer to benefit with the iPhone XII of 2020 and its A14 chip.