Try Microsoft’s new service to find out the age of a person by their image only!


Proposed by Microsoft on the sidelines of the Build conference held at the end of March, uses the company’s face detection API. The goal is clearly to promote the technologies made available to developers to design applications using them. “ It is not yet very precise but often causes laughter Microsoft comments. Even though the technology still has its hiccups – it’s touted as being in beta – it’s still revealing what the future holds when it comes to face detection. By perfecting this technology, Microsoft will in the future be able to block certain content for people who are too young to access it on Xbox One through Kinect, to name just one example.

On its explanation page, Microsoft wants to be reassuring by indicating that it does not store any photos on its services. However, the company analyzes the results of the experiments to draw statistics. She had probably not expected so many Internet users to use their own photos. ” This observation prompted us to improve the user experience, and we did some additional tests for sending photos from mobile devices. “.

While waiting to be more reliable, it is certain that How old do I look have fun on the Web, and that’s already good!