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transport arrives in several European cities

Apple Plans

After the US, Apple adds in Maps information on public transport routes in certain European countries.

Apple Plans

Apple Plans Transit provides routes, departure times and other data relevant to buses, trains, ferries and other public transportation.

Information on public transportation routes started in the United States five years ago and is now available across Europe: We decided to create the safest and best map application on the plant, which reflects how people travel in the world today said Eddy Cue, executive vice president of software and Internet services for Apple. We’ve invested a lot in improving the application and rebuilding cards from scratch to improve the lives of people who come to work, school or on vacation. All with full respect for privacy. We look forward to bringing these new cards to Europe by the end of the year.

This Apple Plans upgrade affects France, Spain, Belgium and Germany. This deployment should then extend to other cities by the end of 2020.