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Towards the end of the ban on joint sales in Belgium

The European Court of Justice announced on Thursday that Belgium can no longer generally ban all paired sales.This decision came after complaints from competing companies that looked down on Total service stations as offering breakdown insurance to some of their customers. Or see the magazine Flair offering discount coupons for women's lingerie.

According to the European Union, Belgium "cannot adopt more restrictive measures than those defined by the Unfair Practices Directive, even for the purpose of ensuring a higher level of consumer protection".

As a reminder, the ban on joint sales in Belgium aims to protect consumers against deceptive offers and protect small traders from large commercial groups. There are exceptions, however, which lack logic:

It is therefore allowed, for example, to sell a spectacle frame with its lenses but not to sell a pair of spectacles with a pair of reserve. It is possible to sell furniture with the household electrical accessories which accompanies them but on the other hand, it is prohibited to sell a GSM with a telephone subscription and a call credit.

Distribution sees this as an obstacle to commercial creativity and a handicap for consumers. The latter are ready to accept the joint sale as long as she is frames.

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