towards a notch on both slices

towards a notch on both slices

The group Samsung proposed a new variation of flexible displays by unveiling the Galaxy Note Edge whose screen stretches over one of the edges and it could repeat this combination with its future smartphone Galaxy S6.

The rumor of a Galaxy S6 Edge (name adopted by the press) therefore regularly returns alongside a standard model. Its existence is not proven but the noises of corridor concerning it are already numerous.

Samsung Galaxy S5 blue The site SamMobile, well informed about the upcoming products of the Korean giant, says that the Galaxy S6 Edge does exist and will be offered as a variant. Unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, its screen will be stretched over the two edges, but like its predecessor, it will use the same display and notification system.

We will therefore find all the dedicated applications present on the Galaxy Note Edge and others that will be downloadable from the Google Play Store, including Night Clock and Express Me. The Galaxy S6 Edge will have specific features such as the possibility of choosing its main side screen , depending on the hand holding the device.

There is also a Glance Lighting function that will briefly display notifications and calls when the smartphone is returned. It will be possible to assign colors dedicated to certain contacts, coloring the edge in the event of a call or more generally of interactions.