Towards a ban on the sale of the iPhone in Germany?

Towards a ban on the sale of the iPhone in Germany?

A German court has found that Apple has infringed two Motorola-owned patents for its iPhone.


Will Apple have to do without the German market to sell its iPhone? This is the question now that we can ask ourselves since the court in Mannheim (southwest of Germany) found that the Cupertino company had infringed two patents belonging to Motorola. These patents registered under references EP 1010336 and 0847654 do not concern the iPhone 4S freshly marketed by Apple but all its iPhone models sold since 2007. For its part, the Cupertino company did not fail to react quickly to this affair explaining “that this is a procedural problem that has nothing to do with the merits of the case” and adding that the problem “will have no impact on the marketing of its products in Germany".

Motorola filed a lawsuit against Apple last year, saying it had violated some 20 of its patents. The Cupertino firm responded a few weeks later by accusing its rival of having copied its Multitouch technology on one of its smartphones. In the end, the two firms had reached an agreement to close the legal claims.

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(Source: PCMag )