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TousAntiCovid: the number of vaccinated arrives in the AntiCovid application

The TousAntiCovid (AntiCovid) application will acquire new features, including a daily count of the number of people vaccinated against COVID-19 in France. The first vaccination figures would be available from this Wednesday, January 6 in the evening.

COVID-19 Vaccine
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What if the TousAntiCovid application (AntiCovid on some smartphones) was used to amplify the vaccination campaign against COVID-19? The Minister of Health Olivier Véran explained to our colleagues at RTL on Tuesday January 5, 2020 that the application would soon display the number of people vaccinated.

The details like the source of the data are not yet known, but these figures would be available tonight, according to the minister. “It’s a matter of 48 hours”, explained Tuesday the elected, before adding that it was simply necessary to wait “Until the information systems are fully operational”.

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TousAntiCovid will soon give the number of people vaccinated

The number of people vaccinated in France would be updated daily. The application figure “Will correspond to number of vaccinations performed the day before, specifies the manager. Monday, 14 avenue Duquesne launched a new file which must accompany the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus.

Baptized SI Covid Vaccine, the database is fed by doctors (city and nursing home) as well as the National Health Insurance Fund. Above all, this should make it possible to identify those eligible for vaccination and to send them vouchers to do so. SI Covid Vaccine can also help to contact vaccinated people in case of late onset of side effects.

It should be noted that registration in this file is optional, and that it will therefore be possible to refuse it in certain cases. But not if the person has actually been vaccinated. A similar registry was set up in 2009 during the A H1N1 influenza epidemic without this giving rise to real debate.

Because of their scale, the measures around the coronavirus arouse much more passionate reactions. However, as has been said and repeated, the file SI Covid Vaccine is in no way intended to identify those who oppose vaccination.

Source: RTL