TousAntiCovid: a QR Code at the entrance to bars will help identify foci of infection

The TousAntiCovid application could soon acquire an important new feature: the addition of QR Codes to be scanned in frequented public places, potential clusters. A solution envisaged for the end of January, before the reopening of bars and restaurants.


TousAntiCovid should soon add a new string to its bow to fight against the spread of the coronavirus: the QR Codes. The idea would be to allow users to scan one of these bar codes at the entrance of a busy place, in order to warn users if they have been in contact with a sick person. A feature that has been designed for the reopening of bars and restaurants, planned for next month.

Cédric O explained the operation of this new system to the newspaper Le Monde. The Secretary of State for Digital has confirmed that the arrival of QR Codes in the application was envisaged for the end of January. The assumed goal is to quickly identify the clusters and to warn those concerned as quickly as possible.

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QR Codes could thus appear at the entrance to gathering places, such as bars. By scanning it, the user registers as having frequented this place at such time. If another registered person reports positive for Covid-19 in the application, all those present in the same place and at the same time will receive an alert on their phone.

Two cases are currently planned. If only one other person who was at a bar, restaurant, or gym at the same time as you tested positive, you will receive an alert asking you to watch for your symptoms. If three people declare themselves, you will receive a “high risk” alert. For the moment, the consequences of this kind of alert are not specified, but it will be necessary to remain vigilant on his state of health.

A feature that will work on collaboration

This system could be introduced at the end of January within the application. However, he has an Achilles heel: he operates on a voluntary basis. It will be up to users to scan the QR Code at the entrance of a bar to register. A small constraint that will have to be made to last over time for the functionality to be effective.

It will also require user permission, since it will be using your smartphone’s camera, which is currently not the case. As a reminder, TousAntiCovid today only needs Bluetooth. The GPS location is not collected for the sake of privacy, but scanning a QR Code in such a location will still record your location. However, the thing will remain anonymous, since only your identifier linked to the application will be collected. Finally, it will be necessary that as many people as possible download the application (which is not mandatory). At the end of 2020, the government boasted of having passed the 12 million user mark.

For the moment, the decree allowing the arrival of this feature is examined by the Council of State, according to Le Monde. If validated, the update should roll out very quickly, towards the end of January. Note that there was already a similar system in Great Britain used by public establishments when they were still open.

TousAntiCovid, miraculous application

The application has come a long way. Released in June 2020 under the name StopCovid, it initially struggled to seduce the French and was a bitter failure. She had a second chance in October 2020 by renaming itself TousAntiCovid. This time it was a success. Indeed, it has been equipped with attractive features, such as the ability to quickly complete a digital certificate for the second confinement. Likewise, it makes it possible to follow in real time the evolution of the pandemic in France and in the regions.

This new functionality should therefore reach as many users as possible. It simply remains to be seen whether it will be used with application when public places reopen. For the moment, the reopening of bars and restaurants is not planned before mid-February, at best.

Source: The World