Toshiba works on Android and Windows tablets

Toshiba works on Android and Windows tablets

Image 1: Toshiba works on Android and Windows tablets

Manufacturers are jostling at the moment to announce the development of touch pads. Could it be the release of the iPad, which is fueling a booming sector? The first elements of response should take place in the coming months. In the meantime, it’s Toshiba’s turn to reveal the preparation of several models of touch panels, evolving under Android OS and Windows 7.

“A market that shouldn’t cannibalize the netbook market”

Jeff Barney, head of digital products for the brand in the United States, says that the project using Google’s operating system would be very close to the iPad. “We see a place for digital slates, with a real market, which should not cannibalize that of netbooks,” according to Jeff Barney.

No marketing date yet, but these two models should be available by the start of next year. Recall that Toshiba already offers JournE Touch, a tablet in an adapted version of Windows CE6, without support for third-party applications.

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