Tor Browser60.8.0

Tor Browser60.8.0

Entirely in French and customizable as desired, Tor Browser allows you to browse the Internet while preserving your anonymity. It includes several extensions and options to block advertising content, tracers and scripts. A great way to browse the Internet and the Tor network.

What is the TOR network and what is it used for?

Tor Browser is a free web browser for Android and also available on many platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux. Based on the Mozilla Firefox browser, the browser Tor Browser uses the decentralized TOR network which uses the connections of different users as relays to guarantee the anonymity of each.

The use of such a network has several notable advantages such as blocking online advertising tracers, several levels of security and access to “.onion” sites. More generally, using TOR allows above all to circumvent the geographical restrictions of certain sites and to counter censorship and surveillance of the web in certain countries. It can also be a good way to access the dark web, a clandestine internet where non-indexed and sometimes illegal sites are hosted.

How to use it ?

Tor Browser is very easy to use and in French. Before starting the connection to the TOR network, which takes a few seconds, the user is invited to click on the key at the top right to choose the bridge on which to connect. The latter makes it possible to strengthen the anonymity of the user but can cause malfunctions depending on the geographic location or the VPN used. Two choices are then possible between the selection of an already existing bridge or the use of a personalized bridge.

Once the bridge is configured, just click on To log in to start the connection to the TOR network.

Its functionalities

Tor Browser presents itself as a classic web browser, with tabbed browsing, history and bookmark management as well as private browsing. It also offers search suggestions when typing as well as several integrated search engines like Google, Bing, Qwant, Twitter and Wikipedia.

For better security, it includes extensions HTTS Everywhere and NoScript and also offers to download other add-ons from the Firefox catalog. Going through Security settings, the user can also block JavaScript as well as sounds and videos in HTML5 as well as WebGL.