Top of the best live TV streaming services

Top of the best live TV streaming services

If you're frustrated with satellite TV and cable TV, you'll probably have access to the best live streaming services. These streaming services have started to give traditional cable channels a reasonable return. While prime-time TV channels and live sports are available online, premium channels are available as additional options or offered as streaming services.

There are many advantages of live TV streaming services, such that the cancellation decision can be chosen at any time, unlike the hassle you face when using satellite TV channels. In addition, there are no hidden fees, but special features such as DVR storage services in the cloud. There are different channels, features and prices when you look at the options for live TV streaming. Chances are you might find it difficult to make the right choice. The guideline below will help you choose the features of each television service so that you can weigh the pros and cons and finally decide when to reject the cable television services to which you subscribe.

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Best live TV streaming services

1. Hulu

This service is available for a 30-day free trial period and includes major networks such as ABC, Fox, CBS, CW and NBC. You can get six feeds at the same time. With a TV library, on-demand movies and additional channels, users will enjoy watching it. More than fifty-five channels and more are available live, and the main networks are available depending on location. Hulu provides about twelve sports channels, including CSN, Fox Sports 1 and ESPN. You can follow your favorite sports teams from the NCAA, MLS, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, and record the games for future viewing if facilities allow. Apart from that, you can connect the ESPN app with the Hulu Live TV login information and enjoy the live ESPN coverage. Hulu live TV subscribers can also easily access the on-demand and fifty channel streaming library. The on-demand TV library offers some of the favorite TV series and you can quickly sign up for an additional season.

With Hulu, you can organize the schedule in a "Favorites" tab and control the recommendation of the content when you delete certain items from the watch history. However, you can also select the "stop suggesting this" option to remove content that doesn't look appealing.

Hulu Live TV streaming

2. Philo

Philo came under the spotlight with his live broadcast services on 2017 and drew attention to the low cost channels. You can get around thirty-seven forty-six channels depending on the subscription plan. Due to its low price offer, you cannot get these expensive channels in this service, such as national or sports networks. However, you will come across the most beautiful combination of entertainment networks and lifestyles such as Food Network, HGTV and AMC. Even if Philo's cloud DVR allows you to record the missions you want, you cannot keep them for more than thirty days.

Philo Live TV streaming

3. Play Station View

PlayStation Vue is the most impressive of all the major live TV streaming services due to its scalable, easy to use and enjoyable interface. The DVR is highly acclaimed with unlimited storage facility. In addition, you can take advantage of the ability to skip commercials for any show at any time, although the missions recorded in the DVR can be kept for up to 28 days. It is one of those services offering the most expensive basic plans, but there are fewer channels. In addition, the PlayStation 4 is not required to watch this service. It has applications for several broadcast devices such as Apple TV, Fire TV as well as phones and PCs. The main thing is to watch the movie on PS4, which is the best way to enjoy the multi-notch view. This is by far the best option for PS4 owners, and commercial skippers and PlayStation 4 users can separate the screen from multiple channels at once.

Play Station Vue Live TV streaming

4. Slingshot

This chain is available for a seven day free trial. The main networks include ABC, Fox and NBC. However, the availability of networks depends on the market. Streaming services are available on many supported devices, including Android, Chromecast, DVR Channel Master, Nvidia Shield, LeEco devices, Samsung Smart TV, Chrome web browser, Xbox One consoles, and various other devices. The available streams are Sling Orange: One and Sling Blue: Three. For customers wishing to live a personalized experience, you can subscribe to this live streaming service.

Sling TV offers one of the most flexible options among TV streaming services when you analyze pricing and content. It offers a high-end model including basic channels and a series of add-ons. Although the basic packages are similar, there are a few differences, such as the channels Disney and ABC have which are featured in Orange. On the other hand, the blue option includes Fox, NBC and sports channels such as NFL Network and NFL Redzone. To get all the packages, you may need to pay more, but the additional packages vary depending on the price of the packages, channels and subscription. If you analyze the added features, some unique options are available, such as Game Finder, a feature of the Sling TV website that helps you search for upcoming and live sports channels based on the channel mix you subscribe to. While Orange subscribers can access the single stream, Blue subscribers can access a maximum of three streams.

Sling TV live streaming

5. YouTube TV

This live TV streaming service is the best option for those who have an unlimited number of DVRs and local channels. You can get a full program guide and an intuitive interface. The four local channels are available with unlimited cloud DVR storage. YouTube TV includes several features that you can get from cable service with a fairly robust range. In addition, you can get local channels in almost all of the regions where it offers services. With a powerful digital recorder, extensive storage facilities and a single price option, viewers can hardly look beyond their convenience when paying. If an episode you have recorded comes into the YouTube TV VOD library, you can easily replace it with the on demand option.

Youtube TV Live TV streaming

6. DirectTV now

This service is available for seven days as a free trial. Major networks include Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS. Supported devices include Android, Chromecast, Mac, Chrome, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, and Safari web browsers. The number of simultaneous streams can vary from two to three, depending on the subscription. It is one of the services that includes multiple packages and high channels, but available with a fairly simple pricing option. If you wish to use this service, you can consult the offers and discounts available on DirectTV. Previously, the service offered various time-limited promotions that would allow you to get entry-level prices, as well as a free streaming service. It is close to what you get via satellite TV and cable channels. The price of this service is also consistent; so you cannot worry about a sudden increase in the bill. Recently, the service added the NFL network which was absent from the number of channels for a long time. It offers the choice of a basic recorder at no cost, with a recording capacity of around twenty hours per month, and the content can be stored for around thirty days.

Direct TV Now Live Tv

7. Fubo TV

When she joined the live broadcast service, Fubo TV focused on sports, especially football. But now, service is the best alternative to cable TV services, which are heavily sport-oriented. The full range of channels is seventy, with thirty sports channels in this live streaming service. Although you can get sports channels depending on your subscription, you can get additional channels if you are willing to pay more. The free cloud DVR in this service allows you to record up to about thirty hours of content and keep it for as long as you want. However, after the thirty hour limit, old content is usually deleted, although the recording limit can easily be extended for around five hours with a monthly subscription. You can watch this service on Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV and Apple TV, as well as on mobile devices running both iOS and Android.

Fubo TV Live Tv

8. AT&T Watch TV

This service is available on a seven-day trial basis without a primary network, and the supported devices are Chromecast, Apple TV, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire TV. This service is mainly intended for occasional customers, AT&T customers and viewers who do not wait for local missions or sports. This is the recently launched Live TV streaming service if you subscribe to the AT & T wireless plans. With unlimited data, you can watch this TV service for free. Although you can't get all of these sophisticated options in this service, you can get some live features.

AT&T Watch Live TV on TV Streaming

Financial result

If you are trying to unsubscribe from cable television services to save money or if you like to watch videos of actions broadcast on the live TV streaming service, subscribe to any of the networks. packages may offer you a better choice. One of the most promising advantages of streaming services is to avoid the monthly cable costs and contracts that you have always wanted to avoid.