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Top of the best FPS games for iPhone

Top of the best FPS games for iPhone

FPS means first-person shooter. It is a type of game where only the character's hand is visible to the player. These games are based on shooting when the circumstances are different. Before the smartphone era, these types of games were only used on PC and Play Station. But now that people are more active on phones, developers are inventing FPS games compatible with mobile devices. We are going to list some of the best fps games for iPhone.

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Best FPS games for iPhone

Guns of boom

This first person shooter (FPS) can be played by more than one person and the action fighting and 3-D graphics are full of thrills. As you play the game, you will become a bit nostalgic when you remember the famous days of the Team Fortress game. This hardcore game involves shooting moving objects. The cartoon type of 3D graphics is fascinating. There are options for online PvP battles and, little one, you will become an expert. There are a variety of deadly weapons, medical kits and grenades. There are more than 48 weapons to choose from and the automatic fire option is crazy and intense. If you like fighting and shooting games, this will keep you hooked for hours.

Download Guns of Boom

Critical Ops

It is a multiplayer game with lots of action sequences and 3-D graphics. If you trust your skills and your reflexes, then this game is for you. The game is difficult and competitive. The cards are beautifully designed. You will learn to know your own skills and your ability to act quickly. There are three modes of contestation: defuse, team dead and game of arms. The spinning mode is a battle between two teams. One team wants to drop and detonate the bomb while the other team tries to stop their actions. The dominant team will win. Team Death Match is a timed death match between two teams. Every action is precious. Finally, Gun Game is between two teams to conquer all weapons. The competitive classification system will encourage you to do better. You can create your own group and organize private matches.

Download Critical Ops

Dead Trigger 2

In this first person shooter, you must survive the zombie apocalypse. There are 33 environments and 10 regions. You will be continuously chased by zombies. More than 50 weapons are available. Developers are continually updating this game with more features and content. The graphics are great and make the game even better.

Download Dead Trigger 2

Force Bullet

Bullet Force is another action-packed, modern first-person shooter. If you are a shooter lover, this is the one for you. There are four multiplayer modes in this game. These are Gun Game, Conquest, Free for All and Deathmatch. You can play as a terrorist or against a terrorist. There are so many options for choosing different types of weapons such as secondary weapons, grenades, ammo and you can customize your weapons too. While playing, you will be able to unlock many additional features. You can play individually or as a team.

Download Bullet Force


Action, shooting and hunting are really exciting, but if you don't like blood or brutal games, then Battlefield will be entertaining for you. This game is like a real paint ball game. This non-violent game requires special skills and tactics to shoot and win. There are different environments to make it more competitive. A special feature is called revolutionary movement.

Download Fields of Battle


Unkilled is another great FPS zombie game for action lovers. He is photographed New York, where zombies attack and take the city under their control. Your job is to save the city by shooting. You will appreciate the graphics and all the lighting techniques. The developers have put in so much effort to make the game almost real. There are five levels with advanced weapon varieties.

Download Unkilled

PUGB mobile

This game became so popular right after the release. If you try your luck, you will be addicted. You can play as an FPS player or a 3rd person. On one, there are 100 shooters and everyone is trying to win. The last person to survive on the field is the winner. It's a really nerve-proving game, so if you like such games, go for it!

Download PUGB Mobile