Interior Minister warns of virus via Facebook Messenger

top five blocked sites in France

The Interior Ministry has confirmed the blocking of five sites for condemning terrorism. It is an implementation of the implementing decree promulgated last month and relating to the law of November 13, 2014.

Before the Interior Ministry confirmed, the first case of administrative blockage for such sites had been identified this weekend by journalist David Thomson author of the book "Les Français jihadistes". Internet users who try to consult the said site are entitled to a redirect and an explanatory message:

This is the technique of the so-called liar DNS that is used. As with simple DNS blocking, it is however easily bypassed if the Internet subscriber opts for open DNS resolvers which are not those of his Internet service provider, or even goes through the TOR network.

The blocking of sites promoting terrorism is based on a (non-public) list. Internet service providers have 24 hours to proceed. But the arsenal goes beyond with the publisher or the host who are warned.

In this case, it seems to have had a hiccup since the founder and now technical director of the French host OVH said that he had received no notification:

Among other measures for which application decrees have been published subsequently, there is also provision for dereferencing by search engines.

This type of blockage had been the subject of various criticisms and the point of tension was the fact of overriding the approval of a judge.