Top Best Alexa Skills | Technobezz

Top Best Alexa Skills | Technobezz

Amazon Alexa is the new fashion. However, not Alexa herself, but Alexa skills are the main reasons for such a feeling. Your device is capable of performing incredible feats solely because of them. Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best Alexa skills.

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Best Alexa Skills

Song Quiz

best Alexa skills

It was never easy to guess the name of the song within 5 seconds of listening, but if you are one of those who can do it, this Alexa Skill is for you. You have to guess the song title and the artist. If you succeed, points will be awarded. This allows you to compete head-to-head with other people around the world. It asks for your name and where you live at the very beginning. Once you have answered a question, it compares your score with that of your competitor by indicating their name.

Get the skill Quiz of the song

Conscious meditation

best skills alexa

The world is filled with chaos and so are our lives. But this Alexa skill will relieve stress and charge your body with peace and energy. He is the only instructor you need to help you with meditation guide at all times. The voice is very relaxing and can therefore be listened to all day.

Get conscious meditation

Story time

best skills alexa

Perfect Alexa skills for your kids and maybe you too. Who knows? Getting kids to sleep has never been easier. It's not like your typical IOS app that hired robots to tell stories. These stories, in Alexa Storytime, are recorded and told by real humans. The stories come with peaceful sound effects. Have beautiful dreams.

Get story time

Five-minute workout: Core and Cardio

If you are a very busy person and you cannot spend an hour in the gym, this Alexa Skill article is at your disposal. This five-minute workout will speed up your heart rate and spread a cool wave through your veins. The exercises are easy but intense.

Get five minutes of training: Core and Cardio

Get me up

best skills alexa

Humans can sometimes be lazy. It's just that some of us have an innate ability to get up from the mattress easily, while others struggle to get it. This is the reason why this Alexa skill was developed. It will make you laugh or anything, but it will not stop at any price until you are up. You can say no in case you are not convinced, after which it will become more intense and boring.

Get Get Me Up


best skills alexa

It's a bit robotic, but it's also a must-have Alexa Skill. He is less a companion and more of a servant. You want to text someone, call your mother, send your location to the FBI, turn on Wi-Fi, etc. One order is enough, and you will be served as a rule. It contains too many features to count and we can't even write them all here.

Get the brain

Bb Groot

best skills alexa

'I'm Groot.' is all that Baby Groot says. It may seem strange to some who use the highly advanced device in technology – to answer with the same three illogical words – every time, your order. But this skill Alexa was not developed keeping the logic in mind but the emotions. If you've looked at GOTG, it can make you smile every time you hear the words, and it's priceless.

Get bb Groot

escape the room

best skills alexa

Be careful, this can be quite intense. However, it's fun anyway. You are in the hall and ask to enter one of the four rooms. So the real struggle begins. You're supposed to find a way out of the room using the hints reported by Alexa. It is one of the most addictive games worthy of your time today.

escape the room

These are some of the best Alexa skills that will make using Echo more interesting and fun. All of these are free to activate. You can get them on your Echo device and activate or deactivate them at any time.