Top 8 Sites and Apps Like Pinterest You Can Try

Pinterest is a great platform for sharing content and tracking the categories of content you like. It is also very useful if you want to market your content and products. Thanks to the popularity of Pinterest, there has been an increase in similar websites and apps. There are various free Pinterest-like platforms for photographers, designers, foodies and more. So, if you are looking for a Pinterest-like experience for a particular genre, there are a few options to choose from. So, without further ado, here are some sites and apps similar to Pinterest:

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Some alternative sites and apps on Pinterest

1. We Heart It

While Pinterest isn’t really aimed at teenagers, We Heart It sure is! As soon as you visit the home page, you will notice that it addresses in effect to young and beginner ladies . Unlike Pinterest, we have the heart. It is a more basic experience where you can discover and follow people, “like” images shared by others. Although it lacks the pinning & boards features of Pinterest, it is easy to use and has a large community of young women.

Availability : Web ; Android , ios (Apps).

2. DudePins

DudePins on the go lets you know it’s Pinterest for men . As the site’s home page says, “Find out all that is manly.” If you are looking for a Pinterest alternative for men, the other option is Gentlemint and of course, DudePins, but what sets DudePins apart from Gentlemint is its more mature and elegant content. If you are looking for genuinely interesting content aimed at men, you should consider joining DudePins.

Availability : Web ; ios (App).

3. PearlTrees

PearlTrees is very similar to Pinterest but instead of the board and pin concept it uses a concept of pearls and trees. It allows you to explore and share different types of content. Once you start sharing content on the platform, you will come across similar “trees”. You can also follow different trees and add your precious pearls to them. One downside we have with PearlTrees is its archaic user interface, which is functional but looks dated. Other than that, PearlTrees is a more simplified alternative to Pinterest .

While PearlTrees can be used for free, you can also get a premium plan starting at $ 2.99 / month, which offers features like offline mode, more storage, customization features, and absence. advertising.

Availability : Web ; Android , ios (Apps); Chromium , Firefox (browser extensions).

4. Dribble

If you searched a social network similar to Pinterest for designers , it’s Dribble. Dribble brings an interface that will make a Pinterest user feel right at home, with the same small blocks of content uploaded by different designers. The platform offers tons of diverse designs for the web, posters, graphics, logo, pixel art and more. Most importantly, it has a very active designer community. There are other platforms interesting, like those of Behance and Design Inspiration , which you can consult.

Availability : Web ; Android , ios (unofficial applications).

5. FoodGawker

Who doesn’t love the pictures of glorious food? We certainly do! FoodGawker is a Pinterest-like platform that will definitely make you hungry. The website has tons of beautiful images of different dishes with recipes from the community. All the content is categorized into different menus such as breakfast, starters, dinner, vegan meals, etc. You can also check out the “most appalled” photos. There is a similar website for baptized drinks Liqurious . If you’re more of a drink lover, check it out.

Availability : Web ; ios (App).

6. Hometalk

You have always wanted a Pinterest alternative for your decoration needs ? Hometalk is exactly that! The website features tons of different home DIY projects from the awesome community. Besides home decor themes like bedroom, dining room, etc., it covers various topics like gardening, kitchen design, doors, floors, etc. Also, if you need help decorating your home, you can expect the awesome community to respond.Besides Hometalk, you can also try Dwelling Gawker and Houzz , which are similar to Pinterest and offer home decor content.

Availability : Web .

7. Fancy

If you like to shop for unique and cool items, you will surely enjoy Fancy. As the name suggests, Fancy offers a well-organized list of different novelty products in a format similar to Pinterest. There is a plethora of cool products, categorized under gadgets, home, art, clothing, etc. The good thing is that you can easily buy any item directly from Fancy, without having to visit a third-party website. Etsy is also an ecommerce site with all the trending products in a format we’ve come to expect from Pinterest. So you can check that too.

Availability : Web ; ios (App).

8. VisualizeUs

VisualizeUs looks a lot like Pinterest, but it is more image and video sharing that content. The website comes with a browser extension allowing you to easily add images from all over the web to share on the platform. The platform’s very active community and user interest-based discovery features allow you to fully enjoy all the images. There is also a shuffle option that allows you to display new images every time. While VisualizeUs is a decent platform, if you’re looking for a more serious photography community, you should try 500 pixels .

Availability : Web ; ios (App).

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Like Pinterest? You are going to love these similar sites!

There is a Pinterest-like platform for all of your specific interests, so if you are a fan of Pinterest’s layout or its content curation capabilities, then you are surely going to enjoy these sites and apps. So give them a shot and let us know how you feel. Sound off in the comments section below.