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Top 7 best RAM cleaning apps for Android 2019

Top 7 best RAM cleaning apps for Android 2019

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RAM plays the most important roles in your Android, but many of us still ignore and accuse processor, memory and software updates, but that has never been a problem. When there will be huge amounts Junks / Cache files on your Android, the problem may be caused by your device, it may have become too slow and you may also seescreen overlay errorsTo solve all these problems, AstuceTechcomes with a list of the best RAM cleaning apps for Android that you can download for free from Google Play Store in 2019

Android devices are interesting to use and offer a multitude of features that allow you to perform a number of tasks. Android devices are multitasking devices, and as a result, many processes continue to run in the background, consuming memory and battery power. It all comes down to poor performance from your Android device.


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Buying a brand new Android device is pretty easy, but it doesn't make sense to keep it for a long time. Indeed, we try to use our new phone as roughly as possible. In general, we used to play a lot of heavy games. Installing and uninstalling new apps is very common at the start, but over time we face delays, space, battery drain and even shutdown issues. The reason behind all these issues is a problem of memory / RAM. But if we talk about iOS, there would be no lag or problem(the price matters a lot!)

It is not possible to manually end each process executed in the background. To do this, you can use various RAM cleaning apps for Android There are many cleaning apps available on the Google Play Store for you, but we have selected some of the best RAM cleaners you need to have on your Android device to dramatically increase its performance.

Top 7 best RAM cleaning apps for Android

Do your Android hang a lot? Relax! Why are we here? Without wasting your precious time, dive into the incredible list of these best RAM cleaning apps for Android.

# 1 Clean Master

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This RAM cleanup is widely used by Android users. Some manufacturers offer Clean Master as an integrated RAM cleaner. This application comes not only with a RAM cleaner, but also with a storage cleaner, a manager of applications andantivirus protection.You can even protect your sensitive data on your Android device using the AppLock that is provided to you. The most important features of this application are cleaning up junk files, increasing memory, CPU cooling, antivirus service , automatic improvement in game speed, automatic launch manager that prevents applications from starting automatically, etc.

# 2 CM Security AppLock AntiVirus

This is anotherRAM cleanerpopularfor theappliancesAndroidwhich comes with a bunch of extremely useful features. Some of the most interesting features are the Anti-Theft Tool, which scans pre-installed and installed applications to protect your phone from viruses, Trojans, malware, etc. Even here, you can protect the files on your Android device by locking them, using the CM Security AppLock.

# 3 RAM Booster

Using this application, you can clean the RAM and the cache memory.You can also clean the temporary memory and your SD card.Deleting unwanted files is also possible.This speeds up your games and your browser.Finally, you can also increase the speed of your Internet connection.It all comes down to much better performance from your Android device.

# 4 AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner Nettoyage Android Free AVG Cleaner Nettoyage Android Free

Unwanted data and files consume a lot of memory on your device.Also, you need to empty your RAM from time to time to improve your Android device.In such cases, AVG Cleaner is your best option.It effectively cleans up all your junk files and RAM to improve the performance of your Android device.

# 5 APUS Booster | RAM Boosters

Android devices are multitasking devices.As a result, they always have applications that run in the background without even notifying you.It is almost impossible for you to manually close the processing of each application in the background.APUS Booster cleans up all applications running in the background with RAM to increase the performance speed of your Android device.

# 6 Clean the RAM memory

Clean RAM Memory Clean RAM Memory

As its name suggests, it is one of thebest RAM cleaning appsthat you can have on your Android device. However, it does the same job of cleaning your RAM memory and improves the performance of your Android device. The feature that distinguishes this application from other applications is that it can delete the volume automatically when your memory RAM is heavily loaded.

# 7 Fast Ram Cleaner

There are many applications that can perform the task of this application, but it is the application that manages its RAM memory very effectively.It has many more functions such as battery saver, process manager, etc. It also provides you with statistics related to your RAM and processor usage.It is a highly recommended RAM cleaning application that you should have on your Android device.

These were some of thebest RAM cleaning apps for Android 2019that we could sort among others.These applications will certainly perform their functions and will never disappoint you with their performance.If you know of an application which falls into the above category but which is not mentioned, please let us know in the comments section below.

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