Top 6 Best Antivirus Apps For Android 2018

Is your Android smartphone secure? Well if you think your android is secure and not attackable then you might be wrong. There are many spy apps available for Android that can spy on and send your data to the attacker. And to protect from such malware and virus, you just need to install the best antivirus for Android smartphone in 2018.

Security is really important for Android Mobiles against viruses, malware and worms on any device or Internet connection. And antivirus apps play an important role in protecting your device from these viruses and malware. Therefore, every user should install better antivirus apps on the Android device. There are so many antivirus apps available on google play store and if you are looking for the best antivirus apps for your android device. Then you have landed in the right place here. Because in this article we have given approximately 6 best antivirus apps for Android .

Top 6 Best Antivirus Apps For Android 2018

# 1. 360 Security

360 Security is a very popular Antivirus application for Android which gives you Free Total Security Protection, Speed ​​Booster, Anti Spyware, Junk and Total Virus Remover. The application has an ability to optimize your background applications also cleans junk files. About 200 million users are downloaded this app from Google play store. App protects and secures your mobile only with one tap. The app allows you to set a strong password and protect your device from people.

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# 2. CM Security

CM Security is also another popular antivirus app for android device which will not only protect your device but also secure your total privacy. The app comes with built-in VPN (virtual private network). The app has the ability to kill third party ads. The app provides you, clean and simple Easy to use user experience. The app contains great features like smart diagnostics to detect your phone condition, junk file cleaning, phone booster, battery saver, CPU cooler, App Lock as well as message security.

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# 3. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is a third best antivirus app for Android device which is downloaded by 4 million people to their devices from Google Play Store. Get the best protection for your device against unwanted viruses, malware and third party pop-up ads using App. App totally secures your device from Fake and Untrusted Calls, Infected Websites, Emails and Messages. Anytime the app alerts you when you install spyware and unapproved apps that violate your privacy. The application comes with free and paid versions depending on their characteristics.

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# 4.AVG Antivirus

AVG is another popular Antivirus which is downloaded by 5 million people from Google Play Store. The app also helps you protect against viruses and harmful malware. The app also helps you to protect your personal data by using the App Lock feature. The app includes much bigger features like Web Shield, Anti-Malware, Anti Phishing, App Lock, Sim Lock, WiFi Security Scanner, and Anti-Theft Solution. The app offers free and paid versions, both available on Google Play Store.

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# 5. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfree Mobile Security is another popular antivirus app that offers the best antivirus and anti-theft protection. The app includes many features like Lost Finder, App Privacy Protection, Anti-Malware, Anti-spyware, SMS Spyware Protection and much more. The app has also added a new facinating web portal feature in which the user can remotely manage their antivirus from the simple website which is The app comes with free and paid versions available on Google Play Store. In paid version application allows you to remove ads.

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# 6.Quick Heal Mobile Security

Quick Heal is the most popular and the best Antivirus available for all devices including Android. The app not only protects the Android device against viruses and malware, but also protects against any theft. The app has the ability to block black listed call numbers and notify apps that affect your privacy. The application is free available on Google Play Store. You can also update your app as your requirements.

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So that was all about Top 6 Best Antivirus Apps For Android 2018 , according to my point of view for the protection of our Android. If you know of another better antivirus for Android or have any doubt or need help, just comment below. Share this article with your friends too!