Top 6 apps to find song titles

Top 6 apps to find song titles

Top 6 best apps to find the titles of the songs you hear around you and their lyrics

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In this article we are looking for the best apps for identifying magically the title and lyrics from any audio source like TV or radio. Cool is not it?

1 -Shazam

Shazam is the best way to identify music and television. In just a few seconds, you'll know the title of a song or you'll know more about what you're watching. Shazam touch to start your journey.

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Download Shazam for Android

Download Shazam for IOS

2 -SoundHound Music

SoundHound is a music search and discovery app that costs what's playing around you. Tap the orange button to instantly identify the songs and see the lyrics, share, listen, buy or simply discover more about the artists you know and love or have just discovered.

Do you have a story in the head? You can also search by singing or humming SoundHound, making it the only app in the world that can give you results, immediately and accurately, through this search for singing or humming.

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Download SoundHound for Android

Download SoundHound for IOS

3 -Musixmatch

Musixmatch has the largest catalog of song lyrics in the world. listen to your favorite songs while enjoying synchronized lyrics. She was featured in the "Best Apps 2014" selection on the Play Store.

It is an essential application for those who love music:

listen to songs from your music library with synchronized lyrics. Discover the FloatingLyrics feature to enjoy synchronized lyrics when playing your favorite songs with Spotify, Play Music or any other application.

Find the lyrics of all your songs prfres

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Download MusixMatch for Android

Download MusixMatch for IOS


Use MusicID to find the name of the track, artist, lyrics, YouTube videos, and more. You can add a location and comment on the tracks you have.

Same as Shazam you can identify the songs look for the lyrics and download the songs.

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Download MusicID for Android

Download MusicID for IOS

5 -TrackID

The TrackID music recognition app is the easiest way to identify the music around you. Just tap the TrackID button andthe app recognizes, in a matter of seconds, the song you are listening to

Want to know more about a song? With the TrackID Music ID App, you'll know all the details by exploring the biography of the artists, the video clips. TrackID palmars, etc.

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Download TrackID for Android

6-Sound Search for Google Play

The Google Sound Search app can help you recognize the music of songs playing around you.

You can:

-Identify the songs, directly from your home screen

-Buy the identified titles directly from Google Play, and add them your music library

-Add the widget directly to your lockscreen, so you can recognize songs even faster (for devices running Android 4.2)

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Video presentation sound search for google

Download Sound Search for Android

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