Top 5 tips for the Avast Mobile app

Top 5 tips for the Avast Mobile app

When you install an antivirus on your smartphone or tablet, it is expected that it protects our device from all the evil viruses that fly on the web. But Avast Mobile Security has been able to stretch its field of action and now offers many features for secure your laptop … and more : anti-theft, data backup, lock applications, firewall, call filtering and SMS, privacy protection, application management … We would not get lost a bit anyway? So, here is a top tips Avast to help you use it best, and so enjoy all the best features of this app.

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Antivirus and firewall

Let's start with the basics: Avast is above all one of the best in the field of virus protection and data protection. It is first of all its computer version which has seduced more than one, especially by its free. This function is therefore the main activity of Avast Mobile, where it excels. As on the computer, it will scan all applications and memory of your device, and can also scan each application during installation to avoid hidden viruses. Avast also allows root phones additional settings.


Let's continue in the "anti -…" series: Avast also offers a anti-theft function. In truth, the application can not do anything against the flight itself, we are not there yet. But it is very useful after: you can localize and lock your phone remotely. You will also be able to delete your data. To use it, you have to make sure some manipulations in advance, start by installing an additional application called "Update Agent". By clicking on "Anti-Theft (Install)" in the Avast main menu, the application will take you directly to the right download page. Once downloaded, you will be able to add your data, an emergency phone number, and many other parameters that will allow you to find your device during a theft or loss. You can then use your Avast account to perform all remote operations.

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Lock apps

When a friend borrows your smartphone or tablet, you may not want it in a few clicks to see your entire personal life. Avast allows in its free version of Secure two applications of your choice by a code between 4 and 6 digits. This is very simple and particularly convenient for email boxes for example. We tried with the AndroidPIT App, worked very well. But I assure you, no need for code for AndroidPIT, it's completely safe and you can show everyone! The paid version of Avast allows this feature for a non-limited application number.

Filter calls and SMS

The protection of a phone is not only viruses: sometimes you have to protect yourself from other people. Avast offers very simply filter incoming and outgoing calls and SMS of your device. You can even customize this filter: every day, just at the weekend, or during a fixed time slot … Convenient to be quiet during the nap. To do this, simply click on the "Calls and SMS Filtering" function in the main menu. You can then add a new group of people that you want to block, by selecting SMS or Call. Easy as everything and effective.

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5 SiteCorrect

SiteCorrect is rather innovative: when you browse the internet, Avast can directly correct typing errors in the URL address type. You can choose to be redirected automatically or not. This function is somewhat hidden in Avast: you have to click on the logo at the top left to display the menu. Then click on Agent Web. You must activate the "SiteCorrect" option. It works on most browsers and saves time when you know that a typo is quickly happening on a smartphone or tablet …

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Beyond these five functions, Avast offers many possibilities for the protection of your phone or tablet. Among them, you can also install an Avast widget to more easily access the application services. You can also make a backup of your contacts and messages, or manage your applications. Avast is therefore, without a doubt, a very complete application, but it also means that it is easy to get lost among all these possiblits. If Avast does not flatter you, do not panic! Here is a top of the best antivirus for your Android smartphone o, I am sure you will find your happiness.

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