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Top 5 PDF editors on Mac in 2018

One of the most popular document formats today is PDF. Known as Portable Document Format, it allows us to share information in files that can be opened from various electronic devices. This format preserves the integrity of the data. On top of that, it allows us to create files small enough to be sent quickly over the Internet and also to any storage device. Traditionally, it was not possible to edit a PDF document because these files were developed to be read-only. However, there are special software available today that we can use to edit them. Here are the top 5 most popular PDF editors on Mac in 2018.

1. PDFelement for Mac

This is a very efficient PDF editor developed for the Mac operating system. PDFelement for Mac provides high-tech tools for designing and editing PDF documents. In addition, the software incorporates form recognition features and allows you to edit PDF files as easily as with MS Word documents.

Developed by Wondershare Software, it contains a set of functions that allow you to add, copy and extract text as well as images from PDF documents. On top of that, this software allows you to add your own text boxes, sticky notes or even to write freehand on PDF documents. You can also highlight, underline, or strike out text on a document. Using PDFelement for Mac, you can also convert PDF files to Word documents and vice versa. This software is available for € 59.95.


  • It has an extended capacity
  • The software facilitates the editing of PDF documents
  • You can edit files in many different ways and add your own data
  • This software allows you to convert files

2. Overview

Preview is a software tool that can be used to edit PDF files on a Mac operating system. It provides you with simple but very powerful functionalities. Using Preview, you can add information to a PDF document via text boxes, add color, change the font style, and also change the text size on a document. Preview will also allow you to cross out, underline text, and even create bubbles. This software is available for free.


  • It is available for free
  • You can use it to edit the text of your PDF documents
  • This software allows you to change the formatting


  • Its capabilities are limited

3. Acrobat DC

Developed to provide comprehensive editing functionality, Acrobat DC is powerful software that is compatible with Mac operating systems. Its functionalities are divided into two main categories: “Comments” and “Fill and sign”. These features allow you to add text and shapes to a PDF document, but also to include your own signature, text bubbles, or stamps on your documents. While this software provides you with many essential tools for making common modifications, most of its functionality is chargeable. This software is accessible for free via a demo, however, its premium features require a payment of $14.99 per month.


  • It provides a wide variety of editing tools
  • Its features are divided into two menu categories
  • You can stamp information on PDF documents
  • You can use it for free thanks to a demo


  • Many of its features are chargeable

4. PDF Expert for Mac

It is a very powerful software tool that you can use to edit PDF documents. Using PDF Expert for Mac, you can adjust the fonts, general formatting and style of a PDF document. The functionality of this software is organized into 2 main categories: Edit and Annotate. The Annotate category provides you with the tools you need to add text and characters to a PDF document. The Edit category does, however, provide you with tools that you can use to include hyperlinks, images, or to strike out text data. PDF Expert for Mac is ideal for small and large editions You can use it for free during a week-long trial. For longer use, you can buy it for $ 70.06.


  • It has many different capabilities
  • The tools of this software are divided into two main categories
  • It is available for free


  • Many of its features require payment

5. PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement 6 Pro allows you to adjust various elements of a PDF document as well as to format the text as you wish. Using its powerful tools, you can add or remove text from a PDF document.

It offers a set of advanced features, such as adding images to documents, batch processing of multiple PDF documents, optical character recognition (OCR) and redaction of content. Interestingly, this program also allows you to add a signature to a document and automatically recognize your forms.

In addition, it can also extract data from forms, optimize the size of a file and it facilitates the scanning of files which can be performed directly in PDF format. Other features such as highlighting, underlining and adding sticky notes further complete this application. You can use it for free via a limited demo. In order to make the most of its capabilities, this software is available at a price of € 99.95.


  • It automatically redistributes the text during editing
  • You can add images and other multimedia elements to your PDF documents
  • The tool also has additional formatting functionality
  • It is accessible for free via a demo

The PDF document format is very popular today. Despite this, it has always been difficult to change it. Fortunately, the software tools listed above can allow you to edit these files via a Mac operating system. They are currently all available and very effective.