Top 5 of the forum this week: root Xperia P, walkthrough, tablet storex

Top 5 forum this week: games, Polaroid, Sony Xperia S, root

This week it's root, Polaroid tablet, Sony Xperia S and a few games on the forum. When do you join the community?

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Cekad has given us a good little return on its purchase, and with all the answers provided by users, can now get a good idea on this Polaroid tablet, which because of its affordable price, knows a growing success.

A Lucie Liu tutorial, well done and easy to follow. has fallen well because a Xperia S, rooter, this is not the simplest … Follow this tutorial carefully, and everything will be fine. 🙂

The topic of Team Test continues to mobilize the crowds, Clash of Clans in interest more than one, on Android. The suspense becomes unbearable! : D

Excellent sirtagada summary topic for all we explain on the root and the installation of a custom recovery on the HTC One X, can be even more complicated rooter device than the Sony Xperia. For beginners, do not forget to check out The root for beginners: all questions, answers

This topic, which is just beginning, raises questions about the use of Free Mobile SIM cards with tablets. As Esteban T. points out, the GSC Free states that the card is only for smartphones, not tablets. If you have experience with these cards, explain us!

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