Top forum: Galaxy Tab 10.1, S4. root HTC Sensation, game and USB key

Top 5 forum this week: Dilandau, Google Play on Polaroid tablet, Root S4

This week, a walkthrough on the forum but not only, the root of the Galaxy S4 is back in force, the installation of Google Play Store Polaroid tablet also, not to mention a few problems and their solutions, as well as Dilandau …

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Since last week, this forum topic tells you how to transfer your village from one device to another, Android or iOS goes back into the top. Do all iPhone users switch to Android? 😉

Clash of clans
Install on Google Play

You are apparently numerous to ask you the question: the download on Dilandau, is it legal? The answer is twofold: to listen to Dilandau is legal, to download it is illegal. A word to you …

Polaroid tablets are among the most affordable in the market, unfortunately they are missing the Google Play Store. Be aware that there is a method to install it. You can also take a look at this: (TUTO) install the Google Play Store on a Polaroid Pearl 10.1 tablet.

Great classic for a large smartphone, the root of the Galaxy S4 back in the top topics in recent weeks. Is the price drop caused by the release of the Galaxy S5 is for something?

Whether with Android 4.3 or Android 4.4 KitKat, Samsung has not shone by the speed of deployment of its updates on its flagship models like the Galaxy S4 or by the quality thereof. Many bugs and problems have accompanied them.

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