Top 5 Forum: Root Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Bootloader Debugging, Soluce 100 Doors World Parallle etc.

Top 5 Forum: Device compatibility with Google Play, Memory, Roots, Cyanogenmod on the Samsung Galaxy Note

At the top of your concerns, this week: install Google Play can turn out to be a real headache … Like, what if you do not have enough memory on your smartphone? The roots of the Galaxy S3 Mini and HTC one X are also problematic. Find all the solutions on our forum!

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Frequently encountered problem, your smartphone or tablet is not compatible with Google Play. To remedy this, we provide you with a list of incompatible devices and some methods because yes it is possible to install Google Play on these devices.

A message warns you that your internal memory is insufficient? You may need to move some applications and other data to your SD card. Other methods are also possible.

Many of you use the Galaxy S3 Mini and also ask you how to root it. We provide you with a simple and fast method. Be careful carefully follow the procedure!

For all the owners of the HTC One X, we give you the follow to unblock the bootloader, root your HTC One X and install a recovery custom.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is very good as you know! To take advantage of the latest features of CyanogenMod 10.1, we show you how to install it on your Galaxy Note.

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