Top 5 best Karaok apps for Android & IOS

Top 5 best Karaok apps for Android & IOS

Top 5 best Karaok apps for Android & IOS

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Every once in a while, each of us likes to have fun. Some go to pub bars with friends, others watch movies, and others just have a karaoke app on their phone.

Put your vocal chords to the test by downloading one of the apps listed below. And what's more interesting is that you can enjoy singing along to your desired melodies even on the go.

We have selected for you a list of the 5best karaoke apps for Android and IOS.

Top 5 best Karaok apps for Android & IOS

1.Sing! Karaoke by SmuleAndroid / IOS

One of the most popular of its kind is the Smule karaok app. It offers the largest database of karaoke music (on Android). You will find almost all of your favorite songs listed here.

To access all the karaoke music offered, you can opt for the VIP membership plan. It would cost you about a dollar a month and close to $ 10per year. You can find different sections inside the application that would separate music karaoks made by the community from the VIP list only.

In addition, it offers you the possibility of finding karaoke music tracks navigating through the specified categories like Pop / Jazz and so on. You can also join other users and sing the same karaoke music with them. Smule offers you various audio effects to polish the recording quality, and also if you want, you can even record your video and have it played out to members.

2.Yokee Karaoke Sing & RecordAndroid / IOS

Yokee is a program with a huge library of songs, which will help show the world your singing talent.

The first thing you will notice when opening the app is a large number of tracks, divided into practical categories. You'll get a little bit of everything from Christmas songs to hip-hop. At first, only 20 credits are available, allowing you to record a single track. in the future, you should listen to the song without the ability to record your voice in order to make change. For each audition, you have 4 credits. You can open access to all content, by paying a monthly or annual subscription.

The program has a convenient navigation and interface, the right sorting helps you find your favorite song easily. The sound quality is very good, which is an advantage for karaoke.

3.Red Karaoke Sing & RecordAndroid / IOS

Red Karaoke Sing & Record is a free application that lets you sing and record performances for a large number of successful songs. Show your voice around the world via the Internet. Become someone's idol! Audio and video recordings are available.

You will find over 100 genres of music, from classics to musicals! Out of thousands of backing tracks with synchronized text will be available to you, just download and register this app.

In addition, you can connect the phone to a TV and sing with your friends. You don't like your voice? Change using a variety of sound effects. The world is waiting for your performance!

Singing MP3 songs from your mobile is easy now. Just download this app! Download music from your phone and the program will convert it to a karaoke track while maintaining its quality.

You can capture your performance by pressing the record button. Create tracks in two modes. The program allows you to adjust the sound with the volume and voice control function. Share your talent on Youtube, Facebook, etc.


  • sing with the original voices or without it;
  • write a song about your performance with the original in the background;
  • the ability to adjust tempo and tact;
  • recording only your favorite song segment;
  • there is no need to connect to the Internet.

5.The Voice: On StageAndroid / IOS

Have you ever watched the popular TV show “The Voice”? Here is the mobile version of this program. Feel like a canvas and sing on stage with The Voice: Upon request from the stage. Easily record your song. Audio recording and video recording are both available. There is a practical search filter by genre or artist. Share your performances through social networks. The app also offers a subscription to new songs.


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