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Top 5 best iPhone batteries in 2019

In life, you never know what can happen to us. Imagine that a friend, your companion, your wife, or one of your parents must be rushed to the hospital, when you only have 3% of battery on your phone. Imagine that you have to go to the forest on an excursion that you had completely forgotten, and that you only have 2% of battery on your phone. Worse, imagine that you are going on a trip, and that you had not planned the departure time of your plane, which means that you had not recharged your laptop when you need to show your tickets!

An unforeseen trip, a concern that drives us to go far from home, an excursion without plug or USB port … The causes are multiple and yet systematic. For all these usual reasons, you need an external battery. Today, World is Small, in partnership with the site The good choice, offers you its top of the best external batteries for iPhone to take everywhere with you in 2019. Whether you are an adventure fan or a simple head-in-the-air, this top is made for you!

Little reminder: the models we offer are universal. Thus, they can be used by all types of existing devices. So you won’t have to worry if you have a iPhone, a Android, a PC or a tablet.

Battery - Top 5 Best iPhone Batteries in 2019

GRDE Power Bank 2 25000 mAh

This GRDE brand battery can charge two devices at the same time, thanks to these two USB 2.0 ports but also thanks to its very large capacity. With an identification system and a built-in flashlight, you can recharge your iPhone X more than 7 times (yes you read that right) and your iPad mini 3 times. And style level, it throws because it is available in black and red, black or gray and white.

51I5rxLU8GL.  SL1500 - Top 5 of the best iPhone batteries in 2019

Anker PowerCore 10000

Very inexpensive, this Anker battery is a small find that could change your life. Available in red, white, blue or black, this small, compact and light battery is a must-have for those who do not want to invest too much in a battery. It can charge 4 times a iPhone 6S. It also integrates PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, and therefore fast charging.

FKANT battery - Top 5 of the best iPhone batteries in 2019

FKANT dual USB ports

With its enormous capacity of 25,000 mAH, this FKANT portable battery is ideal for quickly recharging your laptop or tablet. It has two USB ports and can therefore charge two devices at the same time. You can charge your iPhone X 7 times and your iPhone 8 10 times. Please note that it takes a long time to load!

EC TECHNOLOGY - Top 5 of the best iPhone batteries in 2019


She is THE big winner of our top. This EC TECHNOLOGY external battery is a must-have! It can charge up to three devices at the same time thanks to its multiple ports, it has LED indicators which will indicate the state of charge of the battery and the remaining capacity, and offers a security system which protects against overheating. Unbelievable.

ravpower - Top 5 of the best iPhone batteries in 2019

RAVPower Quick Charge 3.0

This external charger offers a USB C port! A significant advantage in this world today submerged by this new port. It offers a capacity of 20100 mAh, will charge 4.4 times an iPhone X and an iPhone 6s 8 times! And it can also charge multiple devices.