Top 5 Best Free Android Screen Recorder Apps

Are you looking for a free way to record your Android / iOS screen without rooting or jailbreaking it? If so, then you have surely landed on the right article. So read this article till the end. Believe me, I know it is not easy for you to find such screen recording apps for your device that works well. And that’s what I wanted to help you. So, what are you waiting for, start downloading the best screen recorder apps for your Android or iOS for free.

Most of the users need Android or iOS screen recording apps if they run a YouTube tutorial or try to show some steps to follow using a video.

Android screen recording apps (no root) record every activity observed on the screen of your Android device and store it as a video format. You can upload this video to any website or share it with your friends using social media sites like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. There are a lot of apps that will work for rooted Android devices, but there are very few apps you can access to perform their function. Here, we are going to provide you with some of the best Android screen recording apps that won’t require root permission. So let’s take a look at these apps and know what they have to provide us with.

Top 5 Best Free Android Screen Recorder Apps

Here, we are going to provide you with some of the best Android screen recording apps that won’t require root permission. So let’s take a look at these apps and know what they have to provide us with.

# 1 Mobizen Screen Recorder: Android Screen Recorder

This app is completely free but, you will need root access if your device’s Android version is lower than 4.4. This best screen recorder, records videos in HD quality. The screen quality that this app can record are 240P, 360P, 720P and 1080P. The best quality provided by this app is 1080p resolution, 12Mbps quality, 60 FPS. You can add BGM and Intro & Outro video to make your video attractive. Clean Record mode allows you to record video without any watermark . You can capture your reactions while recording game sound and your voice with Facecam. Simply, this app allows you to record screen while gaming and watching videos.

Features of Mobizen:

  • Clear Android Screen Recording in Full HD!
  • Easy to use with no rooting from OS 4.4!
  • Use recording, capturing and screen editing for FREE!
  • You can easily remove the watermark for free!

Download Mobizen Screen Recorder Free for Android

# 2 Rec. (Screen recorder)

If the Android version of your device is 4.4 then you need to root your device for this app to work on this device. Well, why bother? Read this guide to root your devices in seconds. Using this best free screen recorder, you can record one hour long videos with audio. You can preset some of your commonly used configurations. You can customize the countdown timer to make your recording setup perfect. To stop recording, shake your device or simply turn off your screen. It has an embellished and simple interface which one can easily get used to.

Features of Rec. (Screen recorder)

  • Longer screen recording only for Android, with audio recording up to 1 hour.
  • it comes up with a nice user interface.
  • You can easily save your favorite configurations as presets.
  • Automatically displays screen edits for the duration of your recording.

Download Rec. (Screen Recorder) For Android

# 3 AZ Screen Recorder

This best free screen recorder comes highly recommended for lollipop users. This app provides no time limit for the duration of the video. Besides, no watermark from this app is added to your video. You will not be bothered by irrelevant advertisements because this app is without publicity . It is extremely easy to use this app because there is only one option to start and stop recording. This app comes with a countdown timer which allows you to make final adjustments. You can trim the video you recorded to reduce the time wasted on unnecessary things. You can also record your emotions in a small overlapping window, which can be moved to any location on the screen and customized to any size and opacity. This screen recording app simple but very revised for android will never disappoint you!

Features of AZ Screen Recorder:
  • This app comes with a magic button that controls anything secretly without showing on the screen. = D isn’t that cool?
  • You can draw anything with any chosen color right on your screen.

Download AZ Screen Recorder for Android

# 4 Screen Recorder – DU Recorder

This best free screen recorder born need no root access and Android version. In addition, it is completely free and born contains no ads in in-app purchases . Even this app is completely free. You can record videos in HD quality. The best quality is 1080p, 12 Mbps, 60FPS. The user interface of this application very user-friendly and supports more than 20 different languages. This recorder provides many resolutions, frame rates and bit rates available as media for HD videos. To stop recording, you can shake the device. It also comes with a GIF maker. Must read this app’s features.

Features of DU screen recorder:

  • Record external sound
  • Add background music to video
  • Add any effect like Blurr, Pixelate Crop Image etc.

Download DU Recorder for Android

# 5 Telecine

This is another amazing screen recorder app for android devices. It is a very simplified application with minimum settings but powerful output. The overlay screen is responsible for starting and stopping recording. However, there is a limitation to this app. You cannot record sound while recording video. Otherwise, this app is as good as the rest.

Features of Telecine:

  • You can record HD videos up to 720p
  • Edit your recorded videos using this app

Download Telecine for Android