Top 20 mobile sites & applications visited (Q2 2013)

Top 20 applications mobiles 2013 - Top 20 des sites & applications mobiles visités (T2 2013)

The audience measurement specialist Mediametry has just published a ranking of mobile sites and applications for the second quarter of this year.

Note that these figures only take into account the smartphones (except Blackberry, encrypted by the manufacturer RIM) to ensure the most precise figures possible based on the connection data of the three historic operators, namely SFR, Bouygues Telecom, and Orange. The shelves are therefore left aside.

mediametrie mobinautes evolution - Top 20 of mobile sites & applications visited (Q2 2013)

Regarding the number of mobile users, Mediametry reports that the latter has increased by 18% in 1 year, especially thanks to photo apps like Instagram and his 1,763,000 monthly mobile users.

In addition, in June 2013, 2.5 million mobile users viewed a site or mobile application related to photography.

In total, the mobile users would 25.1 million in the second half of 2013, accessing on average 5.9 mobile apps and 29.7 sites mobiles different.

Top 20 mobile sites

At the level of the most visited mobile sites, we obviously find the giants Google, Facebook, Youtube in the top 3. Apple occupies 6th place.

On the operator side, Orange is 4th, SFR 9th, Bouygues 10th, and Free somehow rose to 20th position.

top 20 mobile sites 2013 - Top 20 mobile sites & applications visited (Q2 2013)

Top 20 mobile apps

In terms of the most used mobile applications, the first three places are allocated to Youtube, Google, and iTunes. The Game center Apple is in 5th position.

Surprisingly, we find neither Facebook, nor Twitter in this ranking and Instagram occupies “only” the 16th row.Top 20 mobile applications 2013 - Top 20 sites & mobile applications visited (Q2 2013)