Top 11 Best Twerk Apps For Android And iOS

Twerk is an 80s dance art that is also known as booty shaking. It is a dance in which the dancers shake and sexually push each other. If you like to watch videos on Twitter and learn how to twerk, you can use the best Twerk apps on your Android or iOS device. Most people think of twerking as hot, but that’s not always true. It is a fun dance art where you can hit harder by shaking your hips.

If you love dancing and want to learn dance without taking any dance lessons, you can use the best dance apps. As most dancers know, twerk is also a dance. If you want to learn twerking, you can easily use the best twerking apps on your smartphone. There are many Twerk apps available for Android and iOS users. In this article, we are listing the best Twerk apps for Android and iOS users. You can easily install any of these apps, get twerking videos, and learn more.

  • AllStarTwerkers

    AllStarTwerkers is one of the best Twerk apps for Android and iOS users. It is a sensational rhythm based gaming app where you can find the best option at your fingertips. There is a huge collection of your favorite girls in this app with a unique collection of Twerk moves and voices. It is a level based game app with different difficulty levels. You can easily choose the level before starting the game on your smartphone.

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  • Twerk Meter

    Twerk Meter is a Twerk app developed by SideProjects for Android and iOS users. It is an app that allows you to measure your twerk speed and challenge your friends to beat your twerk record. It’s a perfect twerk app that lets you see how long you can last twerking left, twerking right and pushing your way to twerkmastery. Along with this, you can also check the rotational speed and compete with others across the world.

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  • Hot Twerk Video

    Hot twerk video is an entertainment app for android users which has a large collection of twerk videos to stream online for free. It has a collection of different types of Twerk videos with music tube and pictures. There are different videos in which beautiful girls twerking at different stages. One of the best feature of this app is to update latest hot twerking videos every week so that you can get new videos easily.

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  • Tappy Twerk 3D

    Tappy Twerk 3D is an amazing free twerk simulator app for iOS users. It allows you to earn coins after shaking your loot. You can shake your butt as a man or as a woman and have the chance to make money with them. It’s a free, fun and interesting app with a collection of awesome twerking songs. The app is easy to use and control. You can also save your score and beat other scores to get more and more coins by twerking.

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  • KDance

    KDance is a dance and music app for Android and iOS users. It is free and easy to use application with different dance forms. It is also used as a dance app to learn different dance forms without tutor and dance teacher. All the dances are listed with their videos so that anyone can easily learn their favorite dance with music using this app. Along with this, it also has the option of live radio, news, events and the like. This is a best twerk app where are also listed different dance styles like bachata, ballet, belly dance, afro, bollywood, country dance, ballroom dance, flamenco, hip hop and others.

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  • Twerk dance

    Twerk dance is another popular Twerk app which has Twerk dance and music option. If you don’t know how to Twerk and want to learn Twerk, you can use this app. In this app there is listed step by step twerk so that anyone can easily learn how to twerk. Along with this, it is also a best aerobic cardio dance workout app for android users. Now it’s easy to move your body like a professional with this app. This app provides a chance to make your friends jealous of your moves and keep your body fit at the same time.

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  • Dance Fitness

    Dance Fitness is a paid dance app for iOS users that allows you to easily learn dance without having a dance teacher. It is a perfect twerk app which helps you to easily learn to twerk without the help of a tutor. In this app, there is a list of different dance videos according to their categories. You can also personalize them and give them your own rating. All your watched history will be stored in this app and you can easily get your watched history when needed. There are different types of dance videos listed in this app, anyone can easily access them and learn dance.

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  • Twerk Queen

    Twerk Queen is a fun Twerk app which lets you enjoy the Twerk animation from your Android device. It is an ideal app for android users which has a great collection of animated videos. You can easily stream these videos and learn how to twerk or shake your booty. This is a great twerk app for android users, in which twerking moves for an individual, female, is listed along with the music. You can easily learn the steps of Twerk with this app and challenge your friend.

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  • Twerk It

    Twerk It is a user-friendly twerk app for iOS users that lets you learn twerk for free. He’s listed some fun twerky music with all kinds of bonuses and extra lives. This app has different mode with different functionality so that everyone can easily use the app. It is available with the free purchase option and the app with additional features to use. It’s an amazing game without WiFi that can be played offline. The app has Hollywood inspired characters, you can easily choose your favorite character to play the game.

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  • iDance

    iDance is an ideal dance app for Android and iOS users that allows you to learn different dances without the help of a tutor. It has listed the best and best dance styles and forms recorded and performed by experts. Dance in different dance styles from Club Freestyle, Disco, Bachata, Salsa and Samba, Burlesque, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Merengue and Swing listed in this app. You can easily use this app and also learn Twerk for free.

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  • Brazilian butt

    Brazilian Butt is a personal training program for Android and iOS apps. It is a perfect twerk app which allows you to easily learn twerk for free. This is a perfect app that wants bigger, rounder and more lifted buttocks. It has three different levels where the first level is free to use the second and third levels. You have to pay to use these levels on your smartphone. In this twerk app, there is a good collection of exercises to work your buttocks and flatten your tummy.

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