Top 10 unfamiliar features of the Galaxy S2

Top 10 unfamiliar features of the Galaxy S2

Even if it came out about a year and a half, the Galaxy S2 is still current. He will also receive the update Jelly Bean 4.1 in November. Many users still choose it, especially because it offers a high-end experience lower cost. He is packed with functionalityHere we will show you some of the most practical ones, and not necessarily the most well-known !

Kies Air

Kies Air simply allows you to use your smartphone remotely. With this application, you can manage your photos and videos, your music and your contacts. This feature even allows you tosend sms via your PC.

Motion Interaction

The Galaxy S2 recognizes up to four movements of interaction: zoom, pan, double support and flipping. The zoom is adjusted by tilting the camera, the panoramic function makes it possible to transfer the widgets and icons from page to page, the double support can control notably the voice recognition, and to return the Galaxy allows to mutate the ringing tones and incoming messages (feature that has been successful on the Galaxy S3). These functions are of course deactivatable and paramtrable.

Click on the functions to adjust their sensitivity

Screen capture

Or Screenshot, for the intimate ones. To take a screenshot, press at the same time the home button and the power button. An animation and a message "copied to the clipboard" should be displayed.

USB Host

This function allows you to connect USB devices to your Galaxy S2, such as a keyboard, a mouse or a USB key. The Smartphone can not, however, power devices with USB. The adapter is optional, of course.

Multimedia player

When you listen to a song, you can access the playback controls and the next / previous song from another application, scrolling down the notification bar, or even from the lock screen. Within the reader, we can search info on the web about the song currently read and go to Youtube to see more about the artist.

Practice: no need to unlock the Galaxy S2 to stop the music

Edit a photo

When viewing a photo, press the settings button -> plus -> edit. The selection tool must be used by "tilting" the selection area from its center, and not by surrounding the place you want to select.

Hello Leila !


When you copy a text or image from a message, gallery, or browser, these are placed in the clipboard and can be glued in any text box, including email, memos, and messaging. To access the clipboard, press once in the text box, a blue arrow appears, then double-tap and select the clipboard. You just have to select the object you want to paste.


Most widgets on the home page are resizable pressing and holding down. The yellow lines represent the possible sizes of the widget. Tap the bottom right corner of the widget to adjust it to one of the yellow lines.

Tap the widget once to exit the resize mode

Shortcuts camra

The shortcuts of the camera are customizable, press the key param -> modify the shortcuts. Then simply drag the shortcuts on the toolbar.

The number of options is pretty consquent

Call or direct message

If you are in permanent contact with some of your loved ones, you can add them as shortcuts on the homepage. To do this, press the Menu key -> Add -> Shortcuts -> Call / Direct message. Other shortcuts are available.

Other shortcuts are available

If you found other useful features, tell us!

(Photos: Q.Ducreux / AndroidPIT)

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