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Top 10 PUBG tips for making chicken dinner easy

Top 10 PUBG tips for making chicken dinner easy

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WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!Yes, winning your chicken dinner is not as difficult as you think when you follow PUBG's tips and simple strategies. We are here to help you withadvanced tips and strategies from PUBG mobileto easily prepare chicken dinner.

Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile is the most popular game in the Play Store at the moment.With over 100 million downloads on Android, PUBG Mobile has conquered the world.The game works almost exactly like its original PC equivalent.Developed and published for mobile by Tencent Games, the game puts you on the battlefield with 100 other players.You have to fight to survive and be the last person standing.

The fast pace, incredible actions, online multiplayer and smooth gaming like never before on mobile devices have made PUBG Mobile one of thebest games on the Play Storefor your device.

We are going to talk about the best PUBG strategies, PUBG tips and PUBG strategies that you can use to become the last man standing and impress your friends with your incredible talents!

Best PUBG Strategies That Will Help You Easily Prepare Chicken Dinner

1. Train and practice first

The first thing to do is to usethe training grounds ofPUBG Mobile. Go to the selection mode and at the bottom of the screen you will see Entranement.Use the training to know all the types of weapons present in the game. Test them on the shooting locations where you can shoot moving targets. Train yourself to aim, use your target, drive, etc. The training ground is a must for new players who want to get a feel for the game before taking action.

2. Land in a less frequented place

Always try to land in aless frequent placeavoid the famous sites like lcoleorPochinki, where you know there will be a lot of players. Instead of being in the middle of gunfire and dying before you even start, opt for a more isolated place. Somewhere that has a few buildings enough for you and your team. Also, as soon as you land, focus on looting first, then look around.Focus on getting a weaponfirein the hands as soon as possible.

3. Look at the map

The map in the upper right corner is a very useful feature in PUBG Mobile. The map not only shows you your current location and the surrounding areas, it also gives youvisual clues.If someone pulls you handy, the map will tell you where the shooter is with a red sound icon in his direction. He will even tell you if an enemy vehicle is present with the steering wheel icon. This can be very useful if you are playing the game without sound or without using the proper headphones, which you really shouldn't do.

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4. Glance and fire

I cannot stress enough the look and the fire. If this parameter is deactivated, activate it now by selectingSettings> Basic> Activate Peek & FireThis is one of PUBG's best mobile tricks. Snap and fire help you shoot other players behind a tree or the edge of a wall without revealing your whole body and making you an easy target for other players. Peek and Fire will help you in many situations. Go activate it now.

5. Pickup settings

To save time and gain efficiency, you must activate automatic support by selectingSettings> Support> Activate automatic support.Using this PUBG trick, ground objects will be automatically chosen according to the rules given on the same screen. Automatic handling will really help you in situations of shortage of time.

6. Sensitivity and gyroscope

Target sensitivity is really important and will greatly affect your target. You can change your sensitivity settings by accessing Settings> SensitivityThis is one of the most complex and advanced tricks of PUBG. You can even play with the gyroscope setting. The gyroscope will allow you to aim without touching and using the orientation of your phone. This will help you do other things with the finger that you would have used to aim and which could prove useful.

7. Modify the control layout

Not satisfied with the control scheme? You want the fire button on the left or anywhere on the screen. Is the sprint button too small for you? Don't worry. Just head toSettings> Controls> Customizeand adjust the position and size of all UI buttons until you are comfortable with the layout you want. This is one of the most important tips for PUBG.

8. Traces and sounds

Always be aware of footprints around you and other audio cues that will help you detect other players. If you don't haveappropriate audio device, use the visual cues on the map. Adjust the audio settings and increase thehis SFXanddecrease the sound bythe music to better hear the shooting in the game and the steps. Also take off your shoes, because your feet will make less noise when you bare feet than when you wear shoes. Squat or put on your stomach in order to produce an even weaker sound and not to alert nearby enemies. You should also use mufflers whenever possible.

9. Empty your backpack

Remember to check in your backpack if you don't need things that you are carrying. Sometimes you can haveammunition for firearms you don't even useor traces for weapons that you don't even have. Your backpack is very important because it will contain the most important elements you need in the game. And the more space there is for useful things, the more you are likely to win.

10. Use appropriate equipment

By appropriate equipment, I am not talking about the weapons or extensions you will find in PUBG Mobile. I am talking about your real gears. Make sure your phone answers theminimum system requirementsand play the game with an appropriate frame rate and the experience is fluid, so always try to weargood cuttersbecause the audio in the game is quite important. Play in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed as long as the game requires your constant attention. If you play using WiFi, you can even activate the airplane mode and then play so as not to be interrupted by calls.

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Bonus Tip: Use the Pan

The famous PUBG pan has also made its way to the mobile version. One of the weirdest tips from PUBG, this strategy will be very useful. The pan may look like an accessory, but it is very useful. Equip the pan and you will be therebullet proofin this area. The pan will effectively deflect the balls for you and give you some protection. The pan will also be useful formiss fightand hit harder than anything in the game.

So the next time you see a pan, equip it as soon as possible!

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