Top 10 best reverse image search apps for iPhone and Android

Top 10 best reverse image search apps for iPhone and Android

Top 10 best reverse image search apps for iPhone and Android

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Search engines make it easier to find information or buy products, but what if you want to identify a photo? In these cases, looking for reverse images comes to the rescue.

This powerful feature allows you to download a search image instead of typing text. Let’s take a look at the best reverse image search tools available on your iPhone or Android device.

1. CamFind visual search engine

CamFind is a basic but functional reverse image search tool. The next time you want to search for an image, simply open CamFind and take a photo. Once the image is downloaded, the application compares it to those available on the Internet and identifies the object.

After that, you can choose to see the associated images, purchase the item, watch the associated videos, search the web or perform searches similar to those done by other people. Better yet, you can set a visual reminder and share your findings with other people.

Tlchargement:CamFind foriOS | Android(free)

2. Google Lens

Google Lens originally came as a Pixel exclusive; Google later incorporated Google Photos, now iOS and Android users can use Google Lens to reverse search images.

On Android, Google Lens is available as a standalone app. IOS users can access Lens in the Google Photos app. Open an image you have taken and tap the del icon.goal(the second from the right, next to the trash can icon).

Google’s visual search engine will analyze the image; the results will include a link to the Google image search page.

Tlcharger:Google Photos foriOS(Free)Tlcharger: Google Lens forAndroid(Free)

3. Veracity

Veracity is an intuitive visual search engine application that lets you choose images from thefilmor fromphotothque, and can also link your Dropbox account. Veracity offers a basic image editor, but you have to pay to unlock it.

Another disadvantage is that Veracity does not come with an option to share the results with others.

Tlchargement:Veracity foriOS(Free, premium version available)

4. Reversed

Reversee is an image search application centered on the Google engine. Choose an image in your camera roll and the application will take you directly to the corresponding image search page. However, Reversee has its own characteristics that make it different from competition.

The app also allows you to paste an image to run the reverse image search engine. More importantly, Reversee also offers great image editing tools. Using these, you can brighten, crop, or resize images.

With an in-app upgrade, you can also choose between Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Tlcharger:Reversed foriOS(Free, premium version available)

5. Direct image search on Google

You can use Google’s direct image search in Safari (or Chrome), but it’s a bit complicated. You have to ask the office site to continue searching.

Follow these steps to use Google's reverse image search feature on your iPhone. (You can also try this with other reverse image search web tools.)

  1. Open Google Images in your browser.
  2. On iOS, press the buttonSharein the lower toolbar. In Android, click the buttonMenu inthree dots and check the boxSiteofoffice.
  3. Choose Request an office sitein the menu.
  4. Tap the camera icon that appears on the page.
  5. You can now choose to download an image or paste a URL, just as you would on your desktop.

6. Photo Sherlock

Photo Sherlock comes with a simplified user interface. The app lets you search for an image directly using your camera. If you prefer, you can also use your camera roll to download images.

Once downloaded, you can choose to crop the image to focus on the main item, and then the application will retrieve an image search result from Google.

Tlchargement:Photo Sherlock foriOS |Android(free)

7. TinEye Reverse Image Search

In addition to the apps, many online tools offer reverse image search in a format compatible with mobile devices. TinEye is one of those services that allows you to search for an image by download or by URL. Once downloaded, the tool explores the web and add images to its index.

TinEye allows you to sort the results bybetterresult, themore modified, thebigger picture, mostrcentand theolderIn addition, you can filter the result on the main domains and collections.

Visit: TinEye

8. Search for reverse images

Reverse web photo search is another web-based reverse image search tool. Unlike others, this one is basic and lets you upload images from your camera, photo library, or other files.

Once downloaded, the tool will transmit your Google Images image and try to find a match. This is a simple tool if you don't want to request the Google Images desktop site, but the intrusive ads are unsightly.

Visit:Reverse photo search

9. Baidu image search

As you may know, Google services are not available in China, so the Chinese search engine Baidu takes over in that region.

If you are in China or want to search for an image relevant to China, Baidu image search is one of the best options. As you can imagine, the website allows you to take a photo or download it from your library. Baidu also allows you to crop the image before searching.

Visit:Baidu Images

10. Yandex

Yandex is a popular search engine in Russia. Like Google, it offers image search functionality. Download an image by tapping the camera icon in the search bar. You can also use your camera and search for an image without saving it in your library.

The site allows you to refine your search by selecting the image dimensions and other related keywords.

Visit:Yandex Images

The Importance of Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search is extremely useful when you need to search for something you've seen but don't know much about.

Besides shopping and discovering products, looking for reverse images has many other uses. You can use it to see if the photos are authentic and dye fake news. If you are a photographer who shares work online , the image search tools will help you stop photo thieves and recover owners.

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