Top 10 Best Online Seminar Software 2019 (Webinar)

Well, if you own an online business or want to generate interest in your product or service, you need to research ways to connect with users and subscribers. These days, there is a plethora of webinar software available that can help you reach your customers. The webinar software is also used for group training, group meetings, live sessions, etc.

If you are looking for a free or affordable way to engage your audience and make a meaningful connection with attending a webinar, you should choose the webinar software carefully. Finding the right webinar software is a challenge these days and most of the best software available on the web was expensive.

So, to solve this problem, we have compiled a list of the best webinar software. Some of them are free, and some are paid. You should choose the webinar software as per your requirement. So let’s explore the list of best webinar software 2019.

Top 10 Best Online Seminar Software 2019 (Webinar)

# 1 Facebook Live

Facebook Live is free listed webinar software that you can use to reach your friends, fans, or subscribers. The great thing about Facebook Live is that all of your friends and followers on Facebook can view your shows live without using any additional tools. More interestingly, after the broadcast, the video is automatically posted to the Facebook account or profile, which means you and your followers can view the video long after your webinar ends.

# 2 YouTube Live

YouTube Live is another best free webinar service that can be used to host webinars. The best thing about YouTube Live is that after streaming the video, you can choose to publish it. What’s more interesting is that YouTube Live works with a lot of other third-party software that helps create a better YouTube session. So, YouTube Live is another best free webinar service 2019 that you can consider.

# 3 Skype Group Calls

A large number of companies and business profiles are already using Skype group calling to manage their business and reach their customers. What’s interesting is that Skype allows users to include up to 25 people in the webinar session. In addition to adding participants, Skype group calling also allows nine users to participate in a group video call. If you use Skype for Business features such as Skype Meeting, you can add up to 10,000 people to webinars.

# 4 EverWebinar

EverWebinar is essentially an advanced webinar automation tool primarily used by SEOs, bloggers, and affiliate marketers. It allows users to schedule a webinar to replay it at set times throughout the day. Additionally, EverWebinar is one of the most advanced webinar software you can use yet. It also contains features like reminding users of the webinar start time, blocking viewing webinars at specific times, blocking dates, etc.

# 5 GoToWebinar

Well, if you are looking for software to connect with your subscribers or clients, then GoToWebinar might be the best choice for you. It is an online meeting software that allows users to communicate with others. Apart from that, GoToWebinar also offers a lot of other features like live reporting, analytical details, poll creation, document inclusion, Q&A sessions, etc. So, GoToWebinar is another best webinar software 2019 that you can consider.

# 6 Livestream

Livestream is a comprehensive business tool that could help you engage with audiences. It not only allows users to live stream, it also offers some marketing features and also allows you to convert your viewers into customers with email capture, CTAs and video maps. In addition to this, Livestream also helps users track webinar performance by providing user level analytics, engagement graphs, as well as location analytics functionality.

# 7 WebinarJam

Well, if you are looking for ways to create password protected webinar rooms, you must try WebinarJam. It is one of the free and easy to use webinar tools which allows users to control who attends webinars. To create more engagement, WebinarJam offers tools like chat, poll, etc. So, WebinarJam is another best online webinar tool that you can use right now.

# 8 Zoom

Zoom is for those looking for easy-to-use and affordable webinar software. It is basically free webinar software that allows users to host up to 100 webinar attendees. Zoom has a lot of plans, but in the free basic plan, users can only host a 40-minute live session. So if you are on a budget then the zoom might be the best choice for you.

# 9 ClickMeeting

Well, ClickMeeting is a premium web web service from the list that offers a wide range of packages depending on your needs. For example, you can use a plan to host a webinar with 100 to 5,000 attendees. Apart from that, you can expect a few other engagement-boosting features like polls, surveys, chats, etc. The webinar software also records your webinar video. So, ClickMeeting is another best webinar service 2019 that you can consider.

# 10 Demio

If you are looking for a webinar platform specifically designed for marketing, you must try Demio. Just like ClickMeeting, Demio has many plans to meet your requirements. For example, you can choose a plan ranging from 100 to 1000 participants. Apart from that, other features of Demio include screen sharing, polls & surveys, chats, etc. So, Demio is definitely the best webinar software 2019 that you can use right now.

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So these are the 10 best free webinar software 2019 that you can use right now. If you know of any other software of this type, please contact us in the comment box below.