Top 10 Best Minecraft Game Cheats & Controls

Are you looking for the best Minecraft commands of 2017? Here we have listed the 10 best commands and tips that you can use while playing Minecraft game.

Minecraft is survival, sandbox game which was released in second half of year 2011. Mojang designed for different platforms like Mac OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows etc. It is a game that has players from all over the world. Most of the games to achieve such success have high end graphics which make the game much more realistic. But, it is not the same in the case of Minecraft. This game doesn’t have great graphics but, it is loved for its gameplay. In survival mode, you have to build your own world, acquire various resources to maintain your health, etc.

In addition to these, there are zombies that roam free. You have to protect yourself from these zombies by hiding in shelters. You also need to protect yourself from other players who will constantly try to kill you.

This game is easy to play but it takes a long time to create a world that you dream of and do the things that you want. However, there are quite a few Minecraft commands and cheats that allow you to bypass the traditional way of playing.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Game Cheats & Controls

When you start creating a new Minecraft world, you will be asked whether or not to allow cheats. Once you have allowed the use of cheats and commands, you need to press the ‘C’ key to bring up the command bar where you can enter the cheats and commands you want. To apply a cheat or a command, all you have to do is type the command in the space provided and press the ”button Entrance “.

There are many tips and commands in Minecraft. You have to remember that every time you type a command in the command bar, you must prefix it with a slash (/) to make it a valid command. Some of the most useful commands and tips that you can use while playing Minecraft are:

# 1. Help me:

You can use this command to find out all the information required for a particular order. This command will be written as / help [CommandName].

# 2. Teleportation

As the name suggests, you can use this command to reach a specific location directly from your location. You can use another player’s name as a coordinate to reach that player’s location. / tp [TargetPlayer] this is the syntax of the teleport command.

# 3. Kill:

You must have guessed it already. Use this command to kill your character. / kill is the syntax.

# 4. Weather:

You can use ‘/ weather’ this command to choose the weather you want in your world.

# 5. Survival mode

When you enter ‘/ gamemode survival’ this command, your game will switch to survival mode.

# 6. Change the difficulty to Peaceful

‘/ peaceful difficulty’ this command will activate peaceful mode.

# 7. Keep inventory when you die

When your character dies in the game, the inventory that stores all the resources is lost. You can use ‘/ gamerule keepInventory true’ this command to keep your inventory. You can replace true with false to revert the changes you made.

# 8. Downtime:

Since there are days and nights in the game, the day-night cycle is activated. You can stop this cycle at a particular time as you wish. Use ‘/ gamerule doDaylightCycle false’ this command to do so. You can replace true with false to revert the changes you made.

# 9. Instant mine

You can now mine with one click with any tool using ‘/ instantmine’ this command.

#ten. Cannon

You can now shoot at a TNT block where you aim. ‘/ cannon’ is the command you must enter.

These are some of the Minecraft commands and tips the most useful ones you can use while playing Minecraft. There are a lot of such commands and tips that you can look for. If we missed any such command and helpful cheat, please let us know about it in the comments section below.