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TomTom Car Kit "not so compatible" with iPhone 4!

We were however happy to announce to you recently that the TomTom Car Kit seemed well compatible with the new iPhone as indicated in particular by the product specifications on the Apple Online Store.

It is therefore since Thursday – the launch day of the new iPhone – that you have not been late trying your last acquisition with the support of TomTom and you will finally realize that the “contact” between the two devices does not ultimately happen .

In question, the new iPhone is – thinner – and no longer takes all the space that was dedicated, as was the case during the previous generation. This has the consequence of not establishing contact between the “30 pins” connector and the TomTom support.

However, a plan – b – is still possible while waiting for the update of the TomTom product, this consists of adding thickness (using a piece of paper or fabric for example) between the back of your iPhone and the TomTom support. This will allow some pressure which will finally establish contact between the two devices.

If you plan to resell your iPhone 3GS, this is possibly the opportunity to include your TomTom support …

We discuss it on the forum.