Tolls: prices will increase for old vehicles

As revealed by the Contrepoints site, the European Commission has authorized since January 1 the States of the Union to “modulate” the toll prices according to the environmental performance of vehicles, which could lead to more expensive tolls when the vehicle is former.

Highway toll
Credits; Wikimedia Commons

In France, a senatorial commission of inquiry already proposed in its report of Friday, September 18 toadapt the tariff of motorway tolls to vehicle emissions, or the type of transport (cheaper for those who carpool, for example), so as to favor clean vehicles. It seems that all the States of the European Union now have the authorization as affirmed by the site Contrepoints.

The measure, which still needs to be transposed, is part of the Green Deal, a set of European Commission initiatives in favor of the environment. With the aim ofachieve carbon neutrality on the continent by 2050. Concretely, the motorway companies will have, where the measure is adopted, to establish their tariffs according to the polluting or clean aspect of each vehicle.

The States of the European Union can now “modulate” the toll tariffs

Owners of clean vehicles, such as electric cars or hybrid cars, will pay less. While more polluting vehicles, especially large vehicles, and older vehicles, should pay more for their right of way. We underline that we will have to wait for the measure to be transposed before really knowing the exact implications (which may differ depending on the country).

Finally, we note several remarks on the source of the information included in this article. The author of the site we cite as a source (who claims to be in the liberal camp) also runs a blog that relays climate-skeptic ideas – and from this info develops a long and highly politicized editorial on the initiative’s implications … even though the measure is not yet in force in France.

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A reason for caution, especially as the editorial in question itself lacks reliable sources to support certain points. We therefore invite you to read it with hindsight and a critical mind, and to really wait for the transposition of these measures before drawing any conclusions … We will speak on our side of this subject again as soon as we know more.

Source: Counterpoints