Todoist is a good cross-platform solution for creating, managing and sharing task lists for personal or professional needs. Its user-friendly design and its interface in French are good additional assets. A tool to try without hesitation!

Todoist is an online software and service allowing you to organize your task lists into projects and share them with family or work colleagues.

In order to design professional task lists, the software offers management by projects. It is then possible to create tasks in each project by entering their deadline, their recurrence and their priority. The latter is symbolized by a yellow, orange or red flag.

Todoist has a display of tasks for the day or week to come. The software also provides tools to share your projects with your contacts. It is thus possible to enter the e-mail address of another user to invite him to add, delete or modify the tasks of a project. A task can also be sent in the form of a URL address.

With a sleek design, the interface of Todoist is a model of simplicity and ergonomics. The different projects and upcoming tasks are easily accessible. A search engine makes it easy to find tasks in all files.

Finally, note that certain features such as adding labels, reminders or automatic backup are reserved for the paid subscription Premium.