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To explore

Free, efficient and practical, To explore is a very good explorer and file manager for Android. Compared to the competition, it is not encumbered with superfluous functionalities, does not integrate invasive advertising banners and on the permissions side, it claims only and simply the possibility of modifying and deleting the content on the SD card. Pending a French translation, the whole is to be discovered and closely watched!

To browse the files contained on the SD card of Android smartphones, it is generally necessary to go through a computer. Indeed, by default the Android mobile operating system does not offer a file explorer. Google leaves this task to the good care of the manufacturers, who decide to integrate or not, on a case-by-case basis, among the batch of additional applications installed by default. In this area, there are many free utilities more or less similar on the Android Market, incorporating advertising, often complex and looking like gas factories. To make your task easier, Clubic invites you to discover a simply practical and free solution offered by Speed ​​Software !

To explore is an efficient and minimalist file explorer for Android. Without the need for a computer, you can directly navigate from Android in the directory tree of your removable SD memory card, without forgetting the unprotected folders on your phone. Without frills, the presentation is sober and clear. Sorted alphabetically, it will display lists of folders and files including hidden items and image previews as thumbnails. In addition, it will indicate the name, extension, date and time of creation as well as the weight of the documents. Finally, it will recognize the majority of image, music, video and office files, and will offer you one or more associated programs to open them quickly. Not stopping on such a good path, it will offer you the possibility of quickly searching for a file or document by name.

Obviously, “Explorer” integrates data manager functions. By keeping your finger pressed on a file or folder, it will offer you to delete it, rename it, copy it, move it by cut / paste, add it to favorites or even consult its detailed properties. Equally practical, the “Multi-select” function will allow you to easily select several files and folders simultaneously to copy, move, delete them, but also place them in a compressed archive in ZIP format. Finally, you can also create new folders and quickly manage your favorites.

On the preferences side, you will be allowed to customize the display properties. You will be able to hide hidden documents, image thumbnails and the properties of documents presented by lists. In addition, you can sort the file lists by name, date, size and type while choosing to highlight the folders. Finally, you can choose to display documents and files in the form of icons, which is much more practical in landscape orientation. Besides the lack of French translation, its only limitation will be that it cannot access protected files requiring “Root” access. However, in the end, everything works perfectly, is very responsive and will satisfy the majority of users!