to a smartphone with notch on both sides?

to a smartphone with notch on both sides?

At the IFA 2014 fair in Berlin, Samsung created surprise by revealing alongside the Galaxy Note 4 A model Galaxy Note Edge with a display stretching on the edge and allowing to imagine new interactions.

This configuration could be found on new models during 2015 and the future smartphone Galaxy S6 is suspected of being among the potential candidates, at least in a limited edition, which would allow the Korean group to keep the advantage of differentiation.

But he could be beaten at his own game with the smartphone Xiaomi Arch, the rumor of which has just emerged from China. It would be a smartphone whose display does not extend over one of the slices, but on both sides.

Xiaomi Arch

This stretched screen would serve as for the Galaxy Note Edge for notifications. The smartphone has a design close to what it does Xiaomi currently and the rendering shows three capacitive keys at the base.

Does the Xiaomi Arch really exist? Nothing proves it for the moment and it could only be a concept intended to make fans of the brand dream, especially since the Chinese brand does not necessarily have access to the resources necessary to create such a smartphone.

Samsung has been working on flexible screens for years and, while being at the forefront in this field, is just starting to exploit this know-how in smartphones. Its competitor LG Electronics is also engaged in the production of flexible displays but we can think that it intends to keep its innovations for its own mobile products.