the 5G NR modem engraved in 7 nm in smartphones in 2019

to 10 12-core mobile processors?

The heart race in mobile processors went very quickly, the number of cores in mobile CPUs almost doubling from year to year to arrive at octocore configurations, generally in a 4 x 4 cluster.

Mediatek_SoC.GNT This processor war (which some, like Apple, did not follow), therefore stopped at 8 hearts, the argument of "always more" (some hexacore processors are proposed in octocore configuration only for marketing questions) being stopped by technical considerations (energy consumption, heating …) and a limited interest for the operation itself mobile OS, most applications do not take advantage of this plethora of hearts available.

The largest configurations are now hexacore (6 cores) or octocore (8 cores) and the processor designers have taken a break from these developments, preferring now to focus on compatibility 64-Bit and optimization.

Still, some might be tempted to push the challenge of designing processors with even more cores. According to the Chinese site MyDrivers, the group MediaTek would work on configurations with 10 hearts (decacore) or even 12 hearts (dodecacore).

These projects would be advanced enough to give hope for a launch before the end of the year. It is not yet specified whether they will be used for specific uses or only to restart the race for the number of hearts.

Meanwhile, MediaTek has unveiled its intention to go beyond platforms for smartphones and tablets by unveiling specific configurations for connected televisions and Android Wear watches.