Tips for running an online e-commerce store

With the cost of rent, rates, and manpower involved in managing physical activity, it’s no surprise that the world of internet shopping has sparked a retail revolution. It allowed sellers to reach more potential customers at a lower cost of ownership. In 2018, e-commerce continued to grow at an incredible rate of 18% in the United States, with global sales estimated at $ 2.86 billion.

So, if you want to start an online ecommerce business and get your piece of the pie, here are my top 5 tips.

Tips for running an online e-commerce store

1, announcement in several markets.

Everyone knows about Ebay. However, you can get listings of your products in multiple markets to greatly increase your product exposure to different potential buyers. You can also offer international delivery options.

2, Use automated SEO tools.

These can help you find the most popular keywords for your products and suggest a title. The title will usually need to be adjusted to fit your elements perfectly, but it’s a good start.

These tools can also help you create a high converting description. Sometimes if your product isn’t unique and your price isn’t the cheapest, providing a detailed and accurate listing can be a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Use the 12 gallery images available in a listing to clearly show all aspects of your service. I suggest using a tool to remove background images before uploading them so that they look very clear, clean, and professional.

3, international delivery offer

Retailers could only get commercial delivery prices for local or national delivery of their services. However, the courier services international have been developed by DHL, UPS and FedEx. With their own international fleets (FedEx has the largest fleet of commercial aircraft in the world), they can provide reliable overnight delivery services or to the international economy.

Previously, these reliable international delivery services were prohibitively expensive for small, occasional retailers. However, the number of resellers of online messaging services has increased. Companies like Courierpoint in Bulk buy their services, resell them at reduced rates, making them much more accessible and competitive for smaller users. ATBe sure to compare quotes online from resellers while going direct to major carriers.

4, ask for feedback

You can use recommendations from satisfied customers to confirm that you are selling great products and providing a high level of customer service. If you collect your reviews on an independent third-party site, the reviews will be validated by them. This can be a strong recommendation to a potential customer who is researching your profile online to decide who to buy from.

You can also display your reviews on your products and, if you have your own website on the checkout pages, to encourage buyers to complete their orders.

5, optimize your website for SEO

You can bring potential customers to the online store by displaying your products on your own website . Making sure the pages describe the products correctly will help Google and other search engines understand your content correctly.

You should also create links on other trusted websites pointing to the products and content on your site. Guides on how to use the products and solutions to common problems can be a valuable source of backlinks and traffic.

If you have successful products that convert when interested buyers find them, consider using pay per clikc advertising to find your potential customers. Google provides an excellent interface for PPC users, which allows you to research the most popular search terms and advise on the likely costs and volumes of offers. This allows you to run trials at low cost and scale up what works.

7, use social media and email marketing

Promote your guides and reviews on social media, so that whenever you have something interesting to say, your previous happy customers and fans are kept informed. This gives you the ability to resell to a previous customer if there is one, and recommend you to your friends and family because their friends on Facebook can see what they liked. Like social media, the opt-in mailing list allows you to share your promotions and new product information.

Hope these seven tips will help you grow your online sales.