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Tip: turn iPhone into a hologram projector

iphone hologram e1438770996899 Tip: transform the iPhone into a hologram projector

The YouTuber MrWhoseTheBoss unveils on its channel a very accessible tutorial to convert the iPhone into a small holographic projector. Despite the simplicity of the process, the result is quite impressive.

Once finalized, the rudimentary accessory makes it possible to project the image displayed on the screen in 3D dimensions above the phone. The image thus materialized seems to float in the air like a mysterious scroll.

To make this system, you just need to gather the necessary materials: a transparent CD case, a blade to cut it, a sheet of graph paper, a pen as well as glue and adhesive to assemble .

Once this material has been gathered, launch the video above and reproduce the different steps one by one. You can also see the procedure in pictures at this address. Prepare to bluff everyone around you.

Did you manage to make this projector?

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